Same-Sex Marriage Does Threaten “Traditional” Marriage

This is a fascinating and extremely well reasoned argument that marriage equality *is* a threat to “traditional” marriage as social conservatives see it. Dr. Wayne argues that marriage equality puts lie the notion that marriage must automatically involve rigid social roles as defined by gender, which some people who are deeply invested in a patriarchal concept of male and female roles in a relationship will find threatening.

In particular, I liked how the author tied the arguments in favor of marriage equality back to the SCOTUS ruling that permitted the use of contraception by married women, which wasn’t a point I’d seen made recently (in part because the pro-equality position avoids any mention of sex at all costs).

One thought on “Same-Sex Marriage Does Threaten “Traditional” Marriage

  1. Thanks for the cross-post and your thoughtful comments! I agree with your point about pro-equality leaving sex out of the discussion. Maybe a future blog post on that topic is in order. 🙂

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