Selected Writing

Below you’ll find a collection of selected writing of mine drawn from my blog

You can also read through my work writing for the LGBTQ politics and culture blog The Bilerico Project here

Writing on Sexuality & Queer Topics

Inclusion Is Not A Moonshot

A Vital (If Unpopular) LGBT Civil Right

It’s Not Always As Simple As “Masc” & “Fem”

Drawing Hope From Hate

Why I Don’t Try To Prevent HIV (and don’t think you should either)

Some of the Reasons People Enjoy Needlepay

Five Good Reasons for LGB to Support T

Our Kids Are Dying

It’s Already Better

Don’t Call Me A Unicorn Hunter

NRA Or Gay

Ritual Mutilation and Discovering “Normal”

Writing on Magic & Spirituality

Invoking Consent (2.0)

Is Magic Being Left Behind?

Should We Honor All The Dead?

In The Land of My Birth

Honor Through Absence

Into Darkness (on my own two feet)


Purpose Quake


What I Do (the spirit work at least)

Writing at the Crossroads

PA’s ‘Year of the Bible’ Illustrates a Deeper Political Aim

Athena Doesn’t Care About Your Sex Life

Names Make Our World


The Other Social Lubricant

More Than Just a Difference of Opinion