Basic Kink Info Workshops

Concepts of Kink

Join sex and kink educator/event producer Wintersong for an informative, yet lighthearted, whirlwind tour through the mysterious and convoluted world of the kink community. We will discuss the myriad variation of what it is that “kinky” people like to do and why they do it, give an overview of various kink subcultures, address issues of gender and sexuality as they apply to common themes within the kink world, and of course, answer your questions. Whether “the scene” is a place you call home, or the very idea of kink sexuality makes you uncomfortable (and everywhere in between) you’re sure to learn something, maybe about yourself.

Bridging The Gap – Bringing 50 Shades & More Into Your Erotic Life

50 Shades of Grey, Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy, The Kushiel Books. All are popular fiction that incorporate themes of dominance and bondage to build erotic tension. But how do people draw inspiration from titles like these and incorporate those elements into their own romantic and sexual lives? In this workshop series, hosted by MyeSensuals erotic boutique, nationally known sexuality presenter Winter Tashlin will talk about how other people explore these aspects of their desires, how doing so can be self empowering, communication strategies for talking to your partner(s), and how to stay safe wherever your personal journey takes you.