Queer/LGBT Bio

E. Winter/Wintersong Tashlin is an educator, activist, photographer, and spirit worker who teaches workshops on such diverse topics as queer/LGBT issues, kink/BDSM, pagan spirituality, polyamory, and disabilities. He was the keynote speaker for Transcending Boundaries Conference 2014, was a regular blogger & associate editor for The Bilerico Project, and is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events. Winter gave his first workshop at thirteen when he and his mother explained to his entire Jr. High School about his Tourette Syndrome, which became much more noticeable when he started barking like a dog. In the years since, he has presented workshops for a wide range of kink, LGBT, academic, pagan, and medical conferences and organizations throughout the northeast USA and across the country, as well as having been featured in storytelling podcasts and two telivsion documentaries. Winter makes his home by the sea in Old Orchard Beach, Maine in a small freeform polycule along with his husband of fifteen years. Find out more about Winter at http://WinterTashlin.com

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