Crossing No Man’s Land: Why I’ve Waited My Whole Life For Wonder Woman

Even if movies and/or superhero films are of no interest to you, give this a read. I’ve read plenty of reviews of the Wonder Woman, but Heidi is one of my favorite authors, and I feel like she captured something at once beautiful and painful (mostly regarding it taking this long for a film like this to exist) about her experience of seeing it.

Because of the TS I can’t go see movies in a theater, but I’m going to try and find a drive-in so I can see it on the big screen.

The Amazon Iowan

This blog will contain spoilers. It also has GIFs. If that is a problem for you, here is a link to an image-free version.

I have waited my entire life for the Wonder Woman movie.

I didn’t read the comics, and I only somewhat saw the television show, even though I was the right age and generation to have grown up watching it. I suspect something else was on during the time she aired and I was overruled, not allowed to see. I didn’t have a huge draw to her at the time, though, so I didn’t push. I was highly aware of Wonder Woman, though. I always knew who she was. Like Princess Leia in Star Wars, in the world of super heroes, Wonder Woman was the girl. There was only one. Oh, there were others, sort of, but she was the one, the best one, the…

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