The expanding category of Polyamory & Relationship classes addresses the needs of the “poly 101” audience as well as experienced polyamorous people looking for classes that talk about their lives and relationships.

Navigating Poly

There are many forms of polyamorous relationships, each with their own challenges and joys. This practical workshop is designed to give people concrete tools for navigating the rocky shoals of various poly structures, while also helping to expand ideas of what forms of relationship dynamics are out there.

Living an “Out” Poly Life

What does it mean to be “out” as poly? How do we decide, singly and as part of poly families what our level of openness in the broader world should be, and how do we go about following through on that choice? Join me while we discuss the the pros and cons of openness, from letting a few friends know you’re poly, to showing the tellers at the bank pictures of your poly family or going way out like like my family when we had our poly hand-fasting filmed for national television. And when you’ve done all that, how do you then explain about the complexities of dissolving poly relationships if it comes to it…