Dark Eros Magic & Energy Work

Cleansing From “Energetic” Sex & Play

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you: Your top beat you with his energetically enhanced flogger, and while it was fun while it lasted, now you’d really like to get his energy out of your back. In the midst of a heavy cathartic scene your energies mingled with the other participants and now you feel a connection to them that you’d rather not have now that the scene is over. Your bits were eager and she was hot, so when said she wanted to work some sex-magic all you heard was the ‘sex’ part, now what? In this workshop, we’ll learn energetic and magical techniques for getting yourself cleaned up when the fun is over.

Wielding a Red Wand

In the pagan and magical world to work with blood is considered profane by many. But just as the tools and toys we use in the Kink/BDSM worlds can be used positively or negatively, blood can be a safe and valuable magical tool. In this class we’ll talk about how to draw and handle blood safely and cleanly as well as go over magical techniques and spell work that takes advantage of blood’s unique properties. Along the way we will discover together how to approach blood from a place of honor and sacredness and talk a bit about how it is seen both in our mundane culture and to a lesser extent in the pagan and magical communities.

Using the Waters of Life: Magic with Bodily Fluids

That blood is powerful (if controversial) is a truth that tends to be accepted among magic(k) practitioners. But what other useful substances are produced by the human body, and how can they be used to greatest effect? In this class we will discuss the myriad magical and devotional uses not just for old standards like blood and saliva, but also urine, tears, sexual fluids, and others.

Making Magical Sex Toys

‘It’s Magic’ can be more than just a marketing slogan when it comes to sex toys. Let’s talk about some of the different ways you can use energy and magic to enhances this popular toy. You’ll learn spell work for both temporarily and permanently making your toys ‘magical,’ and some ritual/spells you can do with your newly enhanced little friends. We’ll also be talking about when it might be best to keep something in its ‘out of the box’ state and what you can do if your toys acquire a magical nature you’d rather that they didn’t have.

Introduction to Energetic Erotic Play

Let’s talk about sex magic with the emphasis on the ‘sex’ rather than the ‘magic.’ Theories of playing with energy and magic as another sexual tool will be followed by interactive exercises designed to teach several basic techniques at whatever your comfort level may be. In addition to how, we’ll talk about when (and when not) to include this kind of play in your sex life. Attendees will also learn the basics of safe-sex for this kind of interaction and discuss what constitutes ‘going too far.’

The Tiniest Athame: Using Needles for Energy Work and Magic

Piercing the skin can be an intimate and powerful experience, and can lead to all sorts of reactions in both the person piercing and being pierced. But what about using the needle itself as a tool to direct energy to a purpose? In this class we will explore ways to use needle play techniques to move energy into and out of the body or aura, perform cleansing, healing, and other forms of spell work that lend themselves well to this atypical tool. Familiarity with either needle play or energy work/magic would be helpful.

Needles & Energy: Using the Silver Portal

There are many ways we manipulate and interact with our own energy bodies and those of other people. In this class we’ll be looking at a variety of ways to adapt techniques from the play-piercing world to enhance and guide our energetic explorations, erotic and otherwise. Some of the techniques I will be covering include: needles as portals for moving energy in and out of the body, energetic enhancements for erotic play-piercing, forming energetic connections, aiding in energy healing, and influencing arousal and sexual response though directing the flow of energy. Some familiarity with play-piercing and/or energy work is helpful but not required.

Toybag Magician

Why carry two sets of toys and tools? Your BDSM toybag is chock full of “Foo-ables,” toys that can also be used for spiritual and magic purposes, whether spiritual play or unconnected to sexuality at all. We’ll talk about the energetic, spiritual and magical properties of some of our best loved toys, as well as various ways to use them. Plus steps for consecrating and energetically cleaning them, and of course, how to go back and forth between using them for spiritual/magical purposes and for good old fashioned mundane fun.

Using Raised Power

Pain play, sex magic, group ritual, we use any and all of these things to raise energy. What we aren’t as clear about is what we do with that energy afterward. As one shamanic worker said “so we raise all this energy and then just wallow in it, it’s boring and pointless.” Well not us! We’ll get together to talk about all the different things that energy can be good for, and then we’ll raise some energy ourselves and put it to work.