Sex, Kink, & Relationship Skills

My perpetually popular skills classes. In here you’ll find workshops about sex, kink, & BDSM from covering a range from beginner skills to advanced techniques, relationship dynamics and more!

Dark Eros Spirituality & Magic

These classes explore the power, magic, and spiritual connection that can be found where the darker sides of our sexuality and our spirituality converge.

Magic & Spirituality

These workshops draw on over a fifteen years of experience teaching students and apprentices, as well as my time as Dean of the College of Brigantia, a Pagan adult education program. The material covered includes the nitty-gritty of energy theory and spell construction, as well as ritual creation,  and topics such as community dynamics and personal spiritual identity.


The expanding category of Polyamory classes addresses the needs of the “poly 101” audience as well as experienced polyamorous people looking for classes that talk about their lives and relationships.

Queer/LGBT Identity & Activism

Covering a wide range of sexuality and gender experiences and identities, this category includes such topics as queer/LGBT identity in a straight world, activism, queer spirituality, LGBTQ relationships, and more.

Day Long or Multi-Day Intensives

I am delighted to begin offering intensive programming. The in-depth curriculum and limited class sizes of these programs give attendees unparalleled access to the instructor as well as the opportunity to immerse in complex skills and subjects far more greatly than the typical 90min class format found at most events.

If you would rather view my entire class list as one page that is available here.