Sex & Kink Techniques


Needle Play 101

If you go in to just about any dungeon at any major event you are likely to see people playing with needles. Needle play can be intimidating as hell if you are not familiar with it; there are all sorts of safety precautions that you need to take to do it safely, there’s blood, and of course needles, which can be scary in their own right. In this 101 style class you’ll learn how to prepare, play, and clean up safely. We’ll go over the basics of placing and removing needles, and of course, we’ll talk about how you can integrate this kind of play into your own erotic world.

Hands on Needleplay

Most needle play classes talk a lot about basic versus advanced needle play, about artistic placement, ribbons and corsets, but really what we’re here to do put sharp metal in tender flesh?  So we’ learn some simple and easy ways to use needles to have a good time.  We’ll start with what you need to know about safety, set up, proper tools, and cleanup afterward, then get to the hands on learning.  Bring the partner/victim of your choosing (or be willing to be partnered randomly) and get ready to get your gloves on!

Intro to Cock and Ball Needle Play

Penises and needles, both are most fun when being stuck into someone. But what about bringing them together? Since we can’t stick penises into needles, let’s get together and learn about sticking needles into penises. We’ll talk about specific techniques for cock and ball (or more specifically, scrotum) needle play from setup to cleanup, and of course, what to do in between. Familiarity with safety and techniques of needle play are helpful, but not required.

Sadistic Needleplay

Leave the beads and feathers at home, this advanced needleplay class will focus specifically on techniques for using needles as a tool for erotic pain. We’ll cover various ways to hurt your bottom through needle placement, layout, impact play, manipulation and of course, removal. Specific safety precautions, aftercare needs, materials, and other considerations will also be discussed.

Sadism in 3 Needles or Less

One of the challenging and entertaining things about about sadistic needleplay is crafting tons of sensation out a very few needles. Building on a decade of teaching needleplay, Wintersong has designed this class to cover techniques for building cohesive scenes with 1, 2, and 3 needles that will leave bottoms cooked and sadists satisfied.

Needle Predicament Bondage

This intermediate to advanced class uses needles as anchors for creating deliciously devious predicaments for your bottom. Not just a replacement for ties, we’ll look at the specific advantages and unique effects you can get using needles in these types of scenes. Using body mechanics to create self-contained predicaments, as well as objects and outside points will be addressed, along with different forms of needle placements for different objectives. Come prepared to think “outside the box” and more than a little devilishly.

Skin Stapling for Pain and Pleasure

The skin stapler is a remarkable versatile and self contained tool for play. You can use it to achieve everything from lovely patterns, to delicious pain, to bondage and chastity. This class will cover the variety of uses for this fabulous tool from the basic to the more advanced.

Needles & Energy Work: Using the Silver Portal

There are many ways we manipulate and interact with our own energy bodies and those of other people. In this class we’ll be looking at a variety of ways that, involving hypodermic needles, we can explore our energetic interactions, and workings. Some of the techniques covered include: needles as portals for moving energy in and out of the body, energetic enhancements for erotic play-piercing, forming energetic connections, aiding in energy healing, and raising power or grounding through directing the flow of energy. Some familiarity with play-piercing and/or energy work is helpful but not required.

The Tiniest Athame: Using Needles in Magic & Ritual

Blades and blood both have power in many forms of ritual and magical practice. Perhaps nowhere do these two disparate things come together as clearly though, as in the case of the common hypodermic needle. This class explores ways to use needle techniques, concepts, and symbology adapted from the body mod, play piercing, and even medical world, in our magical practices and rituals. Basic needle/piercing techniques and safety will be covered, but that is not the primary focus of the class. Note: this class will feature live demonstrations

2 Day Needleplay Intensive w/Wintersong Tashlin

Join us for a sharp, sexy and intensive two day journey through the world of needleplay. Blood/fluid safety, getting “hand on” with a partner, using needles for bondage, erotic pain, and much much more will be covered over the course of our time together. You’ll get first hand experience under the supervision of celebrated needleplay top Wintersong Tashlin, whose extensive classes on needles have been taught to entranced audiences at leading events and small gatherings for years. Whether you’ve never picked up/been poked with a needle or you’re an old hand looking for new tricks, you’ll laugh, bleed, and definitely learn during this two day period.


Cock Classes

Yes it’s true. I offer enough workshops involving male genitalia to warrant its own category.

Penile Anatomy For Play

There’s more to know than you think! Join kinkster and cock aficionado extraordinaire Wintersong for a fun and informative exploration of the ins and outs of cocks, balls and more. Learn about the eight zones of penile sensitivity, strategies and techniques for a variety of play, and more anatomy than you can shake a dick at. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and your (or someone else’s) genitals will thank you.

Intro to CBT

Cock and Ball Torture (cbt) doesn’t have to be incredibly complex or difficult. This introductory cbt class will cover some of the fun and mean things you can do to someone’s (or your own) cock and balls quickly and easily using readily available supplies such as clothespins, your own fingers, a tiny switch or flogger, and more! Join us for the hows, whys (and why nots), and of course some fun demonstrations of simple cbt.

Mean Things to do to Cocks Balls and More

We will be covering fabulously painful and strange things to do to men’s genitals safely and erotically. Let’s talk about needle play with the penis and scrotum, urethral sounding, chemical play, what happens when a cock meets a violet wand, and more! For each “tool” we’ll cover safety and counter-indications followed by three different ways of using each one… learn a new skill, or brush up on one you already have on the great ways to be “mean” to you and/or your partner’s intimate areas.

CBT For (Just) One

This is a class for guys with the emphasis on abusing their own bits. We;ll address several different kinds of genitorture, covering techniques, contra-indications, safety, and cleanup for: insertion play (sounds, etc), clothespins, needles, chemical play, electroplay, and self chastity. Attendees will have an opportunity to try out a technique or two but are certainly not required to do so.

Urethral Insertion Play 101

Learn how to fuck in a whole new hole! Join us as we look how to stimulate yourself or someone else through the use of urethral sounds and other insertables. We’ll cover how to choose the right kind of toy, properly prepare, play safe and fun (with just a little meanness thrown in for good measure), and how to clean up afterward.

Playing with Intact Dicks

The number of intact (not-circumcised) guys in this country has been steadily rising for many years. Unfortunately, when encountering an intact guy, many people respond by retracting the foreskin and treating the guy’s bits like they would those of a cut guy. Not only is this not as enjoyable for the guy in question, it misses out on the fun things to do with a foreskin. From using the foreskin as an enhancement to pleasure and ways to avoid hurting sensitive anatomy, to working with the myriad anatomical differences found among intact men, attendees to this class will come away with a skill set for playing with intact guys of various kinds. This will not be a format for debating the practice of male circumcision.

Intro to Cock and Ball Needle Play

Penises and needles, both are most fun when being stuck into someone. But what about bringing them together? Since we can’t stick penises into needles, let’s get together and learn about sticking needles into penises. We’ll talk about specific techniques for cock and ball (or more specifically, scrotum) needle play from setup to cleanup, and of course, what to do in between. Familiarity with safety and techniques of needle play are helpful, but not required.

Introduction to Foreskin Restoration

For men who are unhappy with having been circumcised, non-surgical foreskin restoration can restore not only lost sensation, but also bring emotional and spiritual healing as well. This workshop will look at the principals of foreskin restoration, and address what expectations men can have from the process. We’ll discuss why some men choose restoration, as well as what they regain both physically and emotionally. We’ll also talk about how to decide whether it is something you want to explore, and if so, how to go about doing so.

Confronting the Myths of Male Circumcision

Living in the United States, most people simply accept the practice of male circumcision without thinking overmuch about it. In clinging doggedly to circumcision, America is unique among all other western countries. Why is it that no matter what the evidence, there always seems to be a new reason found to engage in this practice? In this workshop we will address the history, the myth, and the misinformation that is at the heart of the circumcision debate.

Other Kink Techniques

Formicophilia Fun!

Formicophilia is the erotic interest in being crawled upon and/or bitten by small insects, although in this workshop we’ll look at playing with worms too. Starting out by covering some of the “whys” and “hows” of this versatile and edgy form of play for everything from mindfucks to sensual play and pain play. We’ll talk about some of the common kinds of critters people play with such as red wigglers, earthworms, BSF larva, mealworms/superworms, crickets, and slugs. Safety and techniques will be discussed (possibly with demonstrations) for a variety of objectives, anatomy, and play scenarios.

“Safer” Bloodplay

This level class will cover how to play “safer” with blood, and techniques that involve blood. We’ll cover the vital points of cross contamination procedures, blood safety, cleanup, dungeon courtesy, and good tools to have in your kit. We’ll also talk about techniques specifically for “playing” with blood in scene safely, whether blood is the point, or merely a byproduct of your play.

Sex that Hurts

Genitorture and fucking are rarely put together, at least in that order. We’re going to talk about techniques and practices for combining CBT or twat torture with various forms of good old fashioned, orgasm inducing activities like intercourse, oral sex, and “hands on” stimulation. Join us to discuss the do’s, the don’ts, and the didn’t know you could’s of “Sex That Hurts.”

Basic Kink Techniques Overview & Exploration

In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss the reasons why people enjoy a variety of kinky activities, as well as cover basic strategies for doing them safely and properly. Attendees will then have an opportunity to try out flogging, paddles, some basic restraint techniques, and sensation play for themselves or with a parter.

Intermediate Kink Techniques Overview & Exploritoration

This interactive workshop covers some of the more involved activities found in the kink/bdsm scene. After a discussion of why people enjoy these various techniques and how to do them safely and effectively, participants will have a chance to try wax play, violet wand play, canning, and fire cupping.

Advanced Kink Techniques Overview & Exploritoration

This workshop contains more advanced material for people interested in pushing the boundaries in their exploration of kink/bdsm. Topics discussed and demonstrated with include basic needleplay, urethral sounding, and punching play. The discussion portion will include why people choose these techniques, how to do them as safely as possible, and ways to extract the most enjoyment/use out of them.

“Gunplay” Mindfucking Done Hot & Safe 

Guns are scary, and that’s a good thing. Disrespect a gun even once and you or someone else can wind up injured or dead. But for many of us, that also makes the idea of playing with them incredibly hot. However gunplay done wrong can be disastrous. Moreover, many of us may not have access to firearms or want to use our weapons as toys, and the idea of gunplay is highly controversial in the BDSM community. This class will look three different tools for building scenes around gunplay: Stripping actually firearms and using separated components that are harmless on their own. Using toys and replicas in place of actual guns. And finally, using everyday objects as stand-ins during scenes by comparing various household items to the real firearm component they are supposed to stand in for. We will also discuss what makes a hot scene and how to know when and where to “draw the line” for both physical and emotional safety.

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