My identity as a magician is one of the most important and hard won aspects of my being. I have devoted an immense amount of time and energy over the course of my entire adult life to the study and practice of magic(k). Although much of my personal practice is rather private, and our tradition is not the most open one, there are several areas where my skills and experience cross over into my public life. Below are some of the services I offer.


I have been teaching magic for many years and have taught apprentices, periodic students, group classes, and one-off lessons in specific skills. A sample of the magical instruction I offer can be found under the Magic & Spirituality section of my class list. I primarily teach Tashrisketlin’s (Clan Tashlin) magical system, which focuses on an ordered approach to manipulating energy and building spells, as well as on the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Custom Sacred & Magical Tools

Combining skill with metal fabrication, machining, woodworking and more with over a decade of complex spell building experience, my partners and I have produced custom sacred and magical tools for luminaries in the pagan community such as Galina Krasskova, Lee Harrington and Raven Kaldera. Although we no longer have our own fabrication facility we have access to extensively equipped shops and can offer CAD/CAM, metal forging, custom machining, TIG/STICK/Gas welding, wood burning and other fabrication techniques. We also work with skilled blacksmiths, leatherworkers, woodworkers and others.

We specialize in complex and unusual spell work across a range of areas. Pricing is based on a combination of fabrication complexity and magical complexity.

Spell Work

In the tradition of my teachers, I sell my services as a energy worker and magician to people who are looking for custom and complex spell work that they either lack the skill or interest to do themselves. Cleansing, protective, energy healing, and land energy magics are particular specialties of mine.