Pagan/Spirituality Bio

Jiggly Hat & Dog

Wintersong Tashlin ( is a spirit worker, magician, educator, and activist who runs rituals and teaches classes on topics such as magic, spirituality, alternative sexuality, and relationships. His ritual work largely focuses on rites of personal transformation and ordeal; while his magical work is focused on a systematic approach to the interactions between people and the energies around us. As a spirit worker, Winter works with the wandering Dead, along with a diverse range of gods and spirits; offers divination service; and facilitates rituals for both individuals and communities on his own and with Clan Tashlin/Tashrisketlin, of which he is one of the founders. Wintersong has presented workshops and/or run ritual at events throughout the northeast and across the USA. He is past dean of the College of Brigantia, a pagan adult education program in central Massachusetts, and his writing and photography has been featured in NewWitch Magazine, HUGGIN, and books by leading pagan authors.

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