The LGBT media was understandably outraged at the recent video of young Nolan Cranford’s hateful Easter day protest outside an LGBT-friendly church. Robw77’s enlightening post about the boy’s situation can hopefully temper some of our outrage with compassion towards him.

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ImageMy ten year old son Jesse had big plans Easter morning.  He had set his alarm for 6 am.  His desire to rise early was not to go searching for the Easter basket the mystical bunny was likely to have left him, it was to make French toast as a surprise for me, his dad.

That special pleasing Dad bond is an important one for many young boys.  Jesse was not alone in that objective.

Three thousand miles away, another boy, Nolan Cranford was preparing to please his dad.  Unlike my son, Nolan’ endeavors did not involve syrup and buttery niceness.  The way to his dad’ heart was to shout at exiting Church goers from North Carolina’s Green Street United Methodist Church and condemn them to hell.

“The Bible talks about that the homosexuals are worthy of death.  Not only them that do it, but them that approve of it…

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