A VERY Important Read (consider this a POTD)

This heartbreaking post about one person’s experience as a woman of color in the pagan community is a must read. I know it’s temping to assume that this sort of thing is rare or represents an outlier experience, but the reality is I’ve heard too many similar tales over the last several years for that to be a convincing self delusion. 

3 thoughts on “A VERY Important Read (consider this a POTD)

  1. I’ve been saying that this is something we need to look at as a community. Just because we are seen as a subculture within a majority religious community doesn’t mean we are IMMUNE to the issues within mainstream culture. It SHOULD mean that we are more aware of these issues and work hard to try and curtail them… But most often, I am met with resistance to change instead of a willingness to look deep within oneself to the beasts that are there.

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    I’m saddenedly not terribly surprised by this. When I have spoken up about the lack of diversity in the communities that I am a part of, everyone answers me with blank stares, or points me to the (usually) lone POC in attendance. And as someone who has dealings with the lwa, it embarasses me to think there are Pagans out there who feel they have the right to judge which spirits are “good” and which ones aren’t, especially if they aren’t schooled in that tradition.

    • I’ve never had anything on the magnitude of what has happened to the OP happen to me in Pagan settings, but I can’t honestly say that nothing resembling it has ever happened, either 😛

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