How To Use Urethral Sounds


How To Use Urethral Sounds

Sounding can be a very enjoyable way to play with ideas of penetration, fuck with gender, and experience new and hot sensations. It can also be easily incorporated into all manner of D/s play. The techniques used for sounding aren’t terribly difficult, but there are some simple steps you can take to make it safer and more enjoyable.  

First off, get an *actual* sound or sounding set. You’re way better off dropping $50 on proper sounds than finding thing around the house that might fit in your urethra. Seriously, I mean it. 

Second off, get some sterile surgical lubricant. The best in my opinion is “Surgilube” and you can order it off Amazon or from your local pharmacy. I buy a one gross (144 packets) box of 2oz packets. There are other companies that are a bit cheaper, but they aren’t as pleasant to use, and honestly, you can probably get a 1 gross box for around $30 and it’ll last a couple of years. If you’re just playing with yourself, you can also get an 8oz or 16oz tube as an alternative. 

Clean and rinse the sounds well after each use. I play with multiple people, so I disinfect my sounds with SaniCide after each use, and then clean the SaniCide off with Dr. Bonners or a mild dish soap (you don’t want that stuff in your body), and then I do a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol right before i use them. But again, if it’s just you, you can probably just get away with just the Dr. Bronners/dish soap and the alcohol. 

Now for the whole “using them” part 😉

If you have a standard set, for instance of Hagar sounds, which are probably the most common, you’ll probably NOT want to use the smallest sound in the set. The smaller the sound, the higher the risk that you could screw up (especially at first) and puncture the urethral wall, which sucks about as hard as it sounds. 

Find the largest size that you can put into your urethral with a minimum of resistance and no feeling of stretching. With Hagar sounds I most commonly start beginners off with the third size up. Remember if you’re using a Hagar set that they are dual ended, usually with a 1mm difference between sides, so that’d be the smaller side of the 2nd smallest sounding rod. 

Lube the first several inches of the sound well, and also spread some lubricant around the meatus (piss slit). Being careful to stabilize the sound with your hand, place the end into the meatus, and carefully and gently guide it into the urethra. Use an absolute minimum of force, if any, at this point. Ideally you want to let the sound “fall” in as far as it wants. Once it stops going in, just let it be for a bit, focusing on the experience and sensation, and then maybe try moving it in and out about 1/2 inch. At this point you may want to take out and re-lube the sound. 

Once you’re used to the sensation of having something in your urethra, which can take anywhere from a few seconds, to minutes, to never, you have two clear options: you can bump up your size a bit, or you can go a bit deeper. 

Either way, you’ll likely need to use more (gentle) force to insert the sound or push it further in. This may be uncomfortable. You may feel pressure, or a burning sensation and this is pretty normal. What you DON’T want is any sharp pain or the feeling that one place hurts *more*, especially at the tip of the sound, this is a big warning sign from your body and you need to listen. 

In order to take a sound deeply, you may have to experiment to find the right angle of your penis to your body for the urethral passage to be conducive to sounding once the sound passes the base of your penis. You also may find in the case of Hagar sounds in particular, that the sound wants to rotate around its axis to continue deeper. 

You generally don’t have to worry about entering the bladder (which you emphatically do NOT want to do) as long as you don’t push hard against the sound once it hits resistance while pretty deep in. You can always check how deep the sound is by feeling for the end between your legs along the perineum (taint). If the sound vanishes into your penis, especially if you are rather well endowed, it’s nothing to worry about. You can always retrieve it by finding the bottom end either at your perineum or along your shaft (depending on sound and penis lengths) and pushing up from there.  

There’s a good chance you’ll have some burning with urination for a few hours or even days, this is normal, as is possibly a bit of blood, particularly when you’re new to sounding. If you have a discharge, fever, or cramping, seek medical attention. Also, if you’re prone to urinary tract infections, this may not be the play for you. 

Once you’re accustomed to and comfortable with the whole idea of sounding, you can start experimenting with masturbating with it in, or using the sound specifically for sensation or pain play. Applying pressure to the outside of the urethra for instance with the sound in place is a great way to add some pain both in the moment, and later, as it will be more likely to burn during later urination. You can also “fuck” your penis with the sound. Use short motions, and remember to be very careful, especially if the sound is relatively small. 

Done properly, sounding is generally on the safer end of the kink/BDSM spectrum. Play safe and have fun!

NOTE: If you’re interested in having me come teach my sounding workshop, which covers safety, proper use of sounds, and how to use them in sex & BDSM, or any of my other kink/BDSM/sexuality workshops for that matter, I am currently taking bookings for Winter/Spring 2013 appearances. For more information, contact me here

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