How To Use Urethral Sounds

This post totally blew up in a way I never expected. It’s gotten quite a lot of traffic over the years, and I was eventually prompted to do a revised version. Below you’ll find the original “How To Use Urethal Sounds,”  followed by a more lengthy and expanded sounding primer. If the first interests you, be sure to also read the second.

Enjoy and play safe! – Winter Tashlin 4/16/14


How To Use Urethral Sounds

originally posted on 8/21/12

Sounding can be a very enjoyable way to play with ideas of penetration, fuck with gender, and experience new and hot sensations. It can also be easily incorporated into all manner of D/s play. The techniques used for sounding aren’t terribly difficult, but there are some simple steps you can take to make it safer and more enjoyable.  

First off, get an *actual* sound or sounding set. You’re way better off dropping $50 on proper sounds than finding thing around the house that might fit in your urethra. Seriously, I mean it. 

Second off, get some sterile surgical lubricant. The best in my opinion is “Surgilube” and you can order it off Amazon or from your local pharmacy. I buy a one gross (144 packets) box of 2oz packets. There are other companies that are a bit cheaper, but they aren’t as pleasant to use, and honestly, you can probably get a 1 gross box for around $30 and it’ll last a couple of years. If you’re just playing with yourself, you can also get an 8oz or 16oz tube as an alternative. 

Clean and rinse the sounds well after each use. I play with multiple people, so I disinfect my sounds with SaniCide after each use, and then clean the SaniCide off with Dr. Bonners or a mild dish soap (you don’t want that stuff in your body), and then I do a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol right before i use them. But again, if it’s just you, you can probably just get away with just the Dr. Bronners/dish soap and the alcohol. 

Now for the whole “using them” part 😉

If you have a standard set, for instance of Hagar sounds, which are probably the most common, you’ll probably NOT want to use the smallest sound in the set. The smaller the sound, the higher the risk that you could screw up (especially at first) and puncture the urethral wall, which sucks about as hard as it sounds. 

Find the largest size that you can put into your urethral with a minimum of resistance and no feeling of stretching. With Hagar sounds I most commonly start beginners off with the third size up. Remember if you’re using a Hagar set that they are dual ended, usually with a 1mm difference between sides, so that’d be the smaller side of the 2nd smallest sounding rod. 

Lube the first several inches of the sound well, and also spread some lubricant around the meatus (piss slit). Being careful to stabilize the sound with your hand, place the end into the meatus, and carefully and gently guide it into the urethra. Use an absolute minimum of force, if any, at this point. Ideally you want to let the sound “fall” in as far as it wants. Once it stops going in, just let it be for a bit, focusing on the experience and sensation, and then maybe try moving it in and out about 1/2 inch. At this point you may want to take out and re-lube the sound. 

Once you’re used to the sensation of having something in your urethra, which can take anywhere from a few seconds, to minutes, to never, you have two clear options: you can bump up your size a bit, or you can go a bit deeper. 

Either way, you’ll likely need to use more (gentle) force to insert the sound or push it further in. This may be uncomfortable. You may feel pressure, or a burning sensation and this is pretty normal. What you DON’T want is any sharp pain or the feeling that one place hurts *more*, especially at the tip of the sound, this is a big warning sign from your body and you need to listen. 

In order to take a sound deeply, you may have to experiment to find the right angle of your penis to your body for the urethral passage to be conducive to sounding once the sound passes the base of your penis. You also may find in the case of Hagar sounds in particular, that the sound wants to rotate around its axis to continue deeper. 

You generally don’t have to worry about entering the bladder (which you emphatically do NOT want to do) as long as you don’t push hard against the sound once it hits resistance while pretty deep in. You can always check how deep the sound is by feeling for the end between your legs along the perineum (taint). If the sound vanishes into your penis, especially if you are rather well endowed, it’s nothing to worry about. You can always retrieve it by finding the bottom end either at your perineum or along your shaft (depending on sound and penis lengths) and pushing up from there.  

There’s a good chance you’ll have some burning with urination for a few hours or even days, this is normal, as is possibly a bit of blood, particularly when you’re new to sounding. If you have a discharge, fever, or cramping, seek medical attention. Also, if you’re prone to urinary tract infections, this may not be the play for you. 

Once you’re accustomed to and comfortable with the whole idea of sounding, you can start experimenting with masturbating with it in, or using the sound specifically for sensation or pain play. Applying pressure to the outside of the urethra for instance with the sound in place is a great way to add some pain both in the moment, and later, as it will be more likely to burn during later urination. You can also “fuck” your penis with the sound. Use short motions, and remember to be very careful, especially if the sound is relatively small. 

Done properly, sounding is generally on the safer end of the kink/BDSM spectrum. Play safe and have fun!


An In-Depth Primer On Sounding

originally published on 12/8/13 as part of The Bilerico Project’s short-lived “How’s That Work” feature on sex and kink

Of all the myriad topics I teach on, not to mention play modalities I personally enjoy, urethral sounding is without a doubt the one that consistently gets the biggest reaction when I bring it up.

As a rule, cis guys in particular fall into one of two camps when sounding is mentioned: The first group are the men who say “I’ve always wanted to try that,” or regale me with stories of what random objects they’ve put down their own urethras. The second group tends to go pale, unconsciously cover their groin, or tell me that the very idea makes them actively nauseas.

For a bit of background, urethral sounding is the act of inserting a rigid object into the urethra, usually some considerable distance. Its origins are as a medical procedure, and it was primarily used in the days before modern prostate-shrinking medication, as a way to keep the urinary passage open in men with prostate enlargement.

Today it is mostly done for fun.

There are of course, a number of reasons people may enjoy sounding:

  • It’s a form of penetrative play using a completely different hole than usual, and the physical sensation of a sound in the urethra can be intense and exciting. Some sounding enthusiasts compare the sensation to anal fisting, although personally I am not qualified to judge the comparison.
  • Sounding can be a real mindfuck experience. It’s penetration, but in one’s penis, which for many men is strongly associated with the act of penetrating. Some people enjoy the way that feels emotionally, while for others it is intensely upsetting in way that can be hard to describe. Anecdotally, guys who’ve done a lot of receptive docking play don’t seem as freaked out by it, perhaps because they are already used to the idea of having their penises penetrated, albeit in a different way.
  • Deep sounding can be an awesome way to do prostate stimulation of a kind many won’t ever have experienced.
  • For folk who like some pain in their sex, sounding can be done in a way that is erotically painful, mostly through size choices and how one stimulates the sound when it’s in place.
  • Going back to the first point about penetration in a new hole, there’s dominance and submission play that can be revolve around the act of one person sounding another.

So then, how to go about doing this whole thing?

First off, get an actual sound or sounding set. It’s a far better idea to drop fifty to one hundred dollars on proper sounds than it is to go around the house finding thing that might fit in one’s urethra. I really am quite serious on this point. For every person who emails me to rave about their homemade sounds, I have two messages telling some horror story involving a straw from a fast food restaurant or a too-sharp knitting needle.

Second off, get some sterile surgical lubricant. If you are in the United States, the best in my opinion is “SurgiLube,” which it can be ordered off or from a local pharmacy. I buy a one gross (144 packets) box of 2oz packets for around forty dollars. There are other companies that are cheaper, but they don’t tend to be as as pleasant to use.

It is of course, important to clean and rinse the sounds well after each use. I play with multiple people, so I use a hospital-grade surface disinfectant on my sounds. These days my kit has Super Sani-Cide Wipes in it, but Mada-Cide, and similar products will work. Once the sounds are disinfected, the Sani-Cide is cleaned off with Dr. Bonners or a mild dish soap to ensure that the disinfectant can’t be introduced to the body in later play. I then do a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol right before use to remove any dirt or surface contaminants.

My professional opinion is against boiling metal sounds to clean them. The majority of sounds people use are plated in a chrome or stainless plating over a base metal. Boiling can cause separation or cracking in the plating, which can cause everything from internal lacerations to an increased risk of bacterial infection. Many silicone sounds however are fine to boil.

Now on to the practical hands-on info.

In the most common sounding sets, for instance of Hagar dilators or Dittle straight sounds, there are a range of available diameters. It’s best not to start out with the smallest sound in the set if at all possible. The smaller the sound diameter, the higher the risk that a screw up (especially at first) could puncture the urethral wall, which sucks about as hard as one would think.

The ideal first sound is the largest size that can be fit into the urethral with a minimum of resistance and no feeling of stretching. Keep in mind that the urinary passage in the glans of the penis, in people so equipped, is often wider than the urethra itself.

It’s important to apply lubricant to the first several inches of the sound, as well as around the meatus (piss slit).

Then on someone with external anatomy: Being careful to stabilize the sound with the hand, place one end into the meatus, and carefully and gently guide it into the urethra. Use an absolute minimum of force, if any, at this point. Ideally let the sound “fall” in as far as it wants. Once it stops going in, just let it be for a bit, before experimenting with moving it in and out about 1/2 inch. At this point it may also be a good idea to take out and re-lube the sound.

On someone with internal anatomy: Stabalize the sound with one finger supporting its weight as it is guided to the meatus. Be extremely careful that the sound does not slip past the meatus and enter into the vaginal passage. If it does, the sound needs to be cleaned, dried, and re-lubricated before attempting again, or the risk of a UTI will be very high. Once the sound enters the urethra, apply gentle pressure until resistance is encountered, then pull the sound back about a quarter to a half inch. Keep in mind that the urethra on someone with internal anatomy is much shorter than on someone with external anatomy.

Once accustomed to the sensation of having something in the urethra, which can take anywhere from a few seconds, to minutes, to never, there are several options: go to a larger size, trying going a bit deeper, or begin stimulation though contact with the sound or moving the sound, more on that in a bit.

The following only applies to folks with external anatomy:

To move the sound deeper into the body, begin applying gentle force on the sound. This may be uncomfortable. People sometimes feel pressure or a burning sensation, both of which is pretty normal. What is absolutely to be avoided is any sharp pain, or the feeling that one spot hurts more, especially at the tip of the sound.

Experimentation may be necessary to find the right angle of the penis to the body for the urethral passage to be conducive to the sound going past the base of the penis. In the case of Hagar sounds in particular, which have a distinct curvature, the sound may want to rotate around its axis to continue deeper.

As a rule, for people with external anatomy entering the bladder, which you emphatically do not want to do, is not much of a concern as long the sound isn’t forced once it hits resistance inside the body.

It is always possible to check how deep the sound is by feeling for the end between the legs along the perineum (taint). If the sound vanishes into a penis, especially if in the case of people who are rather well endowed, it’s nothing to worry about. It can always be retrieved by finding the bottom end either at your perineum or along your shaft (depending on sound and penis lengths) and pushing up from there.

Regardless of anatomy, there’s a good chance some burning with urination for a few hours or even days will occur after sounding, particularly for people who are new to it. This is normal, as is a small amount a bit of blood in the urine. Obviously, if discharge, fever, or cramping, occurs seek medical attention. Also, people who are prone to urinary tract infections may simply not be well suited for this form of play.

Once accustomed to, and comfortable with the whole idea of sounding, there are many ways to experimenting with sensation and play.

As mentioned earlier, on people with prostates, a sound can be used as a form of prostate stimulation, either on its own or in conjunction with anal penetration. To use a sound for prostate stimulation, insert the largest size comfortable past the base of the penis, so the the tip of the sound is two finger widths below the scrotum. Then gentle rock the sound back and forth about an inch towards the body and then away from it. Everyone’s body is different, so it may take some experimentation to find the exact placement and preferred degree of movement.

On people with internal anatomy, gentle rocking is also sometimes found to be pleasurable. Digitally stimulating the sound through the vaginal wall, and doing digital G-spot stimulation with a sound in place are other internal-anatomy-specific forms of play.

Some people enjoy moving a sound in and out of their body in a manner not unlike penetrative sex. If trying this form of play, it’s a good idea to drop down a size or two and make sure to use plenty of lube. Otherwise, abrasion of the urethra will almost certainly cause pain during urination. Use short motions, and keep the speed low and well controlled. In the case of someone with internal anatomy do not “bang” the sound up against the urinary sphincter at the end of the urethra. This is a bad idea on someone with external anatomy too, but would be highly unlike to occur.

On the subject of pain, sounding can be used as a tool for erotic pain. There are several easy and reasonably safe ways to accomplish this. The first is to stimulate or massage the sound through the urethra. This compresses the urethral between the fingers and the metal of the sound, which can range from uncomfortable to intensely painful, and can be done regardless of whether someone has internal or external anatomy. Using sounds that are uncomfortably large, or sounding someone with little or no lube are other ways sounding can be a tool for erotic pain.

Done properly, sounding is on the safer end of the spectrum of kinky play. Be safe and have fun!

NOTE: If you’re interested in having me come teach my sounding workshop, which covers safety, proper use of sounds, and how to use them in sex & BDSM, or any of my other kink/BDSM/sexuality workshops for that matter, I am currently taking bookings for Winter/Spring 2013 appearances. For more information, contact me here

158 thoughts on “How To Use Urethral Sounds

  1. Hi , i have used a insert before but it was a short one about 1inch of usable lengt and the girt is 6 mm im guessing its about 1/4 of an inch and its hollow.
    I found it verry pleasurable, and today i impulsivly ran into a erotik shop and found a urethral vibrator. its made of medical silicone and feels verry soft and silky.
    Its the same girt as my previous insert. only its 15cm long im guessing thats about 6inch
    And has verry strong vibrations, it has mupltiple programs from soft to hard and difrence in pulsation.

    I havent used it yet cause i wanted some more info about using longer inserts or sounds as you like to call them.

    Now id like to know what your opinion is about using silicone based sounds.
    In form of hygiene , do i treat it the same way? Im guessing that even medical silicone is verry resistable agains chemical exposure, so sing alcohol

    Also have you been able to reach an orgasm using only the sounds? meaning no masturbation or prostate milking?

    This is a link to a picture of the product so you have an idea.


  2. sry my bad : In form of hygiene , do i treat it the same way? Im guessing that even medical silicone is verry resistable agains chemical exposure, so using alcohol ,done or not done? Just say that alcohol would damage it… is it still good only using soap?

    • I love my silicone sounds, but I consider them to be ONE-person toys, and clean them with soap and water after each use, and give them a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol before I insert them.

    • It really varies from person to person. I strongly suggest people try sounding for the first time while soft, and there are lots of people who only sound when soft or for whom sounding alone doesn’t cause an erection. If hard sounding is something you find yourself wanting to be doing a lot, I strongly suggest only using straight, rosebud, or silicone sounds, whereas hagars, pratts, etc can be used on a flaccid penis.

  3. Pretty informative.
    I have fashioned a 5mm x 35 cm sound from an anodised aluminum crochet hook. I machined and polished the working end to a bullet shape. With adequate lube, the sound slides in easily and I have no burning when I pee afterward. My technique is short gentle strokes while I roll the sound in my fingers. I have inserted it 23 cm, 16 of which are “below grade”. I have “bottomed out” but do not know if it is the back of the bladder or the sphincter.

    When I first went deep, probably passing into the prostate, I would get a sudden rush and ejaculation would come on in less than 30 seconds. This still happens when I am in the mood but I want to go tho a wider sound. I found a short 7mm crochet hook with a perfectly shaped handle end and experienced a “spike” of pleasure and pain combined the first time the tip passed through the bottleneck about 1.5 cm and now it passes in snugly but pleasantly. If you pull gently out on your penis, it will straighten the tube for easier insertion.

    I am considering getting one of these:

    It is 7mm, certainly long enough and the shape of the tip is right. There are others like it that have a 7mm shaft with a 9.5mm tip which is wider than I want to go. I am curious if anyone here has experienced one of these. Seems like vibration might improve the experience.

  4. I performed Urethral Sounding on myself. Now my urethra is really Burning and it hurts a lot while I pee. HELP?
    I used a Soft rubber wire (I made it by cutting my earphone wire and made the tip round, also removed the metal wire from inside to make sure it won’t puncture the urethra while inserting).
    The length of the wire must be 11 inches. Width 2 mm.

    I reached down to my Bladder because I when I inserted it the whole inside I felt like I was gonna pee.

    Also I didn’t sterilize it, instead I used Hand Sanitizer which contains alcohol and on the Sanitizer-Bottle it says Kills 99.9% of germs.

    Anyway I did it the. But now my Urethra really Burns and it hurts while I pee. I don’t know how many days its gonna hurt?

    IS THIS NORMAL TO BURN, for how long?
    Also I am little worried about the Sanitizer ‘coz it was not sterilized?

    I am really worried, someone help me. I am sure I won’t do Urethral Sounding again in my life.

    PS:: As a lube, I didn’t use anything ‘coz I was exited enough self lubricating with Pre Cum…

    • Disclaimer: remember kids, I’m not a doctor and you shouldn’t take what I say as medical advice>

      Well, first off you didn’t follow any of the proper clean procedures that I recommend, and you are the perfect example of why I say:

      First off, get an *actual* sound or sounding set. You’re way better off dropping $50 on proper sounds than finding thing around the house that might fit in your urethra. Seriously, I mean it.

      at the beginning of this post.

      That said, you’re probably fine. There are chemicals in the rubber of wire covers that keep them pliable which can be irritants, and getting hand santizer in your urinary tract is probably a real irritant too. Then theres the fact that wire is not going to slide down your urethra the way a rounded rod of metal or silicone will, and you’ve probably scrapped the crap out of your urethra (rounding out the tip doesn’t matter, the urethra is delicate).

      If the burning, particularly on urination, sticks around for a few more days go see the doctor, you’ve won yourself a UTI. Beyond that, you’ll know for next time why I say it’s so important to do it right. And I promise, there will be a next time. Once you’re at the point of shoving random things in your pee-hole, you’ll be back.

  5. you can go to walgreens cvs or other pharmacies and ask for azo urinary tract it will relieve the pain when you pee don’t worry about the color of your pee will be a bright orange will clear up in a about a day at most 2 days i use it my self. there is 2 kinds of azo one has prune or something to that affect the other is just for irritation or small pains
    in a blue box small pill 2 in each pack i take 2 pills and that usually takes care of it.

  6. I received my Pratt set of urethal sounding instruments yesterday, and could’nt wait to experiment. I pretty closely followed your instructions above. Initially my penis was soft, but I became very erect pretty quickly. I was able to go to a fairly large size, and it seemed to go in far, leaving only about an inch outside of my penis.

    So you think it was hitting my prostate? It seemed to. Sometimes I palpate my prostate in the shower, up my ass with a finger. This was a very similar sensation.

    I had a huge orgasm without any cum comeing out of my penis. As I took out the sounding tool, there was some cum – but I guess most of it went into my bladder.

    As you mentioned, for a first timer, there was a little blood, and slight burning sensation, but that was all seemingly minimal. This morning, my piss was also with a tingling sensation – which instantly gave me an erection.

    Anyway, this was great fun. Thanks for all the tips

  7. I have just started using sounds and have taken your suggestions to heart. My God it feels so good. I have done this with my cock soft and hard. I love the feeling both ways and it gets me really excited. I just let the sound slide in as far as it would go by itself and left it there for quite a while. It aroused me so much I came while the sound was in. Damn I like this feeling.

  8. Hi.

    I tried sounding about a year back with the refill of a pen, and some other things too. Never went more than a couple inches though; my penis being about 6 inches. The first and second time it burned for a few days but then it was fine. I never did clean the things; just salivated them. I guess I was just lucky for not getting UTI.

    Anyways after a long time, a few days back I tried it again this time with a very thin gold chain that went inside completely! Again, I only salivated it; no lube no sanitizer. Guess I’m crazy. Anyways, this time it didn’t hurt or burn afterwards AT ALL (okay maybe a little near the tip of the penis but that’s it).

    No real worries here mate. Just wanted to share my experience 🙂

    But do you think I should probably not continue with the gold chain? You think if not this time, then perhape next time things may get out of hand? I mean hell, God forbid a link might snap and it might stay there forever! The horror!
    So I’m thinking the reason why it didn’t hurt at all this time is because a chain can twist inside the urethra and adjust unlike a solid metal bar. Maybe the urethral sounding ‘industry’ should try experimenting with chain sounds. Just sayin..


  9. Hi ,

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me out …

    I have been playing for some time now with my 6inch silicone sound, but its not long enuf to reach into my prostate. And thats where i want to be , i have been thinking of buyin a pratt set , wich has that curve , wich i think you need to reach the prostate or the bladder.

    Now the thing is that i always get an erection during sounding , and i am worried that a straight sound is ging to damage something when i try to reach the prostate or the bladder.

    I know that pratts are used to reach the prostate , but used on a flaccid penis.
    So then again i am worried that the curve will damage something when i get an erection wich in my case is un-avoidable.

    Please correct me if i am wrong on one or both of the above.
    And what is the best sound for my purpose? ( reaching the prostate and or bladder)

    Thank you for your time.

    • A lot of has to do with the curvature of your erect penis.

      Personally, I find that I can get *very* deep penetration with a straight sound depending on the angle of my penis to my body (look up username “poly_winter” on x-tube for an example), whereas I find the curvature of a hagar sound for instance to be really problematic.

      I don’t happen to have much experience with Pratt sounds, but from talking to other people, it’s a real mixed bag. Some people like them, lots don’t (particularly for erect sounding).

    • Reaching the prostate is done 2 ways. One via the urethra and the other is via the rectum. When going via the urethra, in my experience, you would want to use the straight style of sound, nothing small nor nothing too big that you have discomfort and CAREFULLY try different positions by raising and lowering your penis to allow further insertion. Remember the prostate lies right next to the bladder and completely surrounds the urethra. You will know when you hit the bladder as the muscle that allows you to retain urine will produce sharp pains when probed. Ive been on occasion to use a Foley Catheter to reach mine.

      Exp: I sound regularly. I currently wear a 10 mm by 135 mm (25/64″ X 5 5/16″) dilator with 4 swells and a through hole for urination and have even came with it in. Similar to this

      I might add, IF you are pierced, Prince Albert or what ever through the glans, its going to be very hard to stretch your urethra if this is what you are doing. The piercing itself causes scar tissue to form and it becomes almost like a very hard “tube” through the piercing. I am pierced and can wear a straight shaft or a captive ring in size 12.

      These are my experiences and my personal opinion and should NEVER be taken as advise or a directive o your personal situation.

      • I just bought some sounds, and just saw your comment about a Prince Albert, I used to have one and got a small blow out where I stretched too quick, it’s just a tiny hole now but you can feel it is scar tissue,

        Will it be possible for me to stretch? Just take longer? Or will it be impossible, thanks .

        Would be more interested in stretching my urethra by width than anything else

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  11. Meanwhile, I get a 13-mm Hegar dilator in my urethral orifice into externus. And a 11-mm sound I get past my prostate. The increase of 0.5 mm has been shown to be effective.
    I just pushed a 11-mm Hegar dilator of my prostate to stretch over. Very pleasant. One can also stimulate the prostate.

  12. I use a 41 Fr sound (just slightly bigger than 1/2″)
    Asolutely some of the best play around. Often have no requirement for ejaculation. Very satified & fatigued after an hour or two of play. Highly recommended!!

  13. Hi, I just received my sounding rods. I used one before reading your suggestion. There was a little blood, but today I use the size you suggested and there was a little more blood. I didn’t force it in, just let it slide down per your suggestion. I actually never did anything with It and just let it rest in my penis. How long should that keep happening? I know you said it as normal, but I don’t want to cause a problem. Also, I didn’t get hard while stroking myself and never came. Was it the stroking that caused a problem?

    • It’s possible that the rods, the lube, or residual of what you used to clean them, is something that you’re sensitive to and it’s causing problems for your urethral tissue, which is *very* delicate.

    • Personally I think the risk of puncturing the urethral wall is too high with a rigid metal plug, but I’ve had sex with a silicone sound/plug that stayed in place well (you could also use a condom to help keep it in place).

  14. I’ve been enjoying my pratt sounds as I posted in February, but today I was diagnosed with Pancratitus, which is very painful and has with it fever with intense chills. Then it cased me to have to miss work. I’m not thinking this is a safe procedure or way to masterbate. Then I’ve read how prostatitis leads to prostate cancer, so I’m really freaked about this think. I just caution everyone on this issue.

    • I apologize for the above posting. Last night I was running a fever and was getting mixed up on a few things. Today, with treatment, things are much better. I was diagnosed with Prostatitis, which I came to understand is sometimes caused by inserting catheter type materials into the penis. It is very painful, and will likely re-occur if I do the sounding again. I had to go into urgent care and am now on a two week regimen of antibiotic. Yes, I have been missing work, and the fever and pain does make you get confused on details. Again, my apologies for the inaccurate information in the posting from May 28, but for all of those reading this blog, I felt it important to share my experiences.

      • Prostatitis can be caused by any number of things, although yes, inserting something into the urethra can greatly increase your risk.

        That’s why I emphasis the importance of keeping sounds *very* clean, using sterile lubricant, etc.

  15. I’ve used metal sounds a few times (alone). I’m paranoid about possible infection and the trouble it takes to clean them, otherwise I’d use them more often. Each time I have experienced some pain with pissing afterwards for a few hours. Is this from the sound? is it from the lube? Would silicone sounds be any less painful after? If only I am using silicone sounds, is it enough to clean them with soap and water? Thanks.

    • The discomfort you’re describing is quite common, especially when you’re new to sounding.

      Urethral tissue is not exactly accustomed to friction or stimulation and it gets irritated. This can last up to a couple of days.

      In my experience this is even MORE common with silicone, but I haven’t compared with many other people or varieties of silicone sounds.

  16. I have tried sounding and I’m hooked. I bought a set of Pratts on Amazon for under $25 and also purchased some surgical gel. The smallest is 12 on one end and 15 on the other. The size I’m using now is 21 and 23. I clean it with an alcohol swab before and after use. U find that i can insert it the full 12″ into my urethra. The final three inches or so, I find I must totally relax before it will glide right in. I’m supposing it is through my prostate, because pressure before that time tells me I’m stimulating the prostate. Once it is inserted I find I can cum in about a minute. What a rush! I feel a slight burning afterward when I urinate, but that is just because my body is flushing out the urethra. After that, I have no other negative effects.

  17. Meanwhile, I get a 13-mm Hegar dilator in my external urethral orifice into it. And a Hegar dilator with 11-mm diameter and a length of 20 cm I get past my prostate. The increase of 0.5 mm has proved to be effective.
    I just pushed a 11-mm Hegar dilator in my prostate to stretch over. Very pleasant. So you can also stimulate the prostate.

  18. Today I did urethral sounding for the first time, I bought. Rosebuds 6mm. I washed my penis twice with antibacterial soap, then wiped the sound and head of my penis with alcohol wipe, I used doctors gloves and surgilube. Found the experience to be very pleasurable. Was able to insert the full 11 inchs, the last couple was the most pleasurable. When the whole 11 inchs was inside me I could feel some pressure and resistance so I assume I was at the prostate. I want more intense pleasure, where should I go from here that is safe?

    • At 11″ inside of your body, unless you have a VERY long penis, it’s likely that you were at the entrance to your bladder, and you *don’t* want to push any further.

      If you do want to explore those particular sensations, you could explore catheter play.

      To get more intense sensations out of your sounding experience, you can use a larger sound and you can stop with the “bud” of the rosebud around your prostate. Next time you’re erect, press firmly around your perineum (taint) below your scrotum and along your urethra until you feel some significant sensation. Then, next time you’re sounding, feel for when the bud gets to right around there and then experiment with moving it up and down, tipping it back and forth to press on the prostate, and massaging with your hand over and around the end of the sound.

  19. I recently purchased a set of rosebuds and am extremely happy with them. They are easy to use and very pleasurable. I am curious as to how far I can insert them. I’m using a 4mm and a 6mm. They go in about 8 or 9 inches without any problem but then there is resistance. I know that its quite easy to do damage so I’m reluctant to use any more than slight pressure. I’ve tried adjusting the angle but the resistance is still there. How much pressure is considered safe? How do I know if it’s safe to go in deeper? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. By the way, thanks for creating this thread. It’s quite informative and really good to learn about peoples experiences.

    • If you’re hitting resistant at 8 or 9 inches, that’s probably a good place to be stopping. You DON’T want to be penetrating your bladder. If that’s play that interests you, go the catheter route.

      • hello… i’m new to urethral’s my first time…last week.i began with a 4.5 mn et after three days i’m at 6.5 a little pain when a pee a little bood,,,,but only for one day .will the pain disappeared with time…will it be like the anal plug when i first used a buttplug it was about 1/2 inch and now i take 2 inches 1/2 ..No plain only pleasure..
        thank you
        Jean Pierre

  20. I have been experimenting with a tens unit, and French catheters since the early nineties , and practicing sterile techniques to avoid urethral tears, infections, and the like. Being in the medical profession, I have been able to procure such instruments, and all the posts regarding ‘pre and post usage of sounds, peeing, mild blood, etc’ hits the mark! Like the very first time I masterbated, and came when I was 15 years old, I will never forget THOSE erotic sensations! Additionally, when I first ‘catherized’ myself with a French catheter, I was able to advance the cath well past the 10+ inches, and pass the spincther by the prostate, and into my bladder. My God, those sensations were out of this world~The erotic stirrings, and pleasureable contractions made me feel like the first time I masterbated to climax, but I withheld cumming as I slowly pulled the catheter out of my erect cock- copious precum oozed out, which excited me further, and when I decided to cum, I shot a load like never before! Even at age 63, I still use sounds, the tens unit, and cock rings to self pleasure myself! Be safe, and have fun out there!

  21. I’ve been wondering for a while, is it safe to use a sound while actually penetrating someone? I’ve noticed that some sounds are vibrating, which I think would be incredibly fun and make sex all the more enjoyable, be it vaginal or anal. Do you know if this is a viable new addition to sex?

    • I know people who’ve used the soft silicone sounds during penetration play but I’d STRONGLY advise against anything else. Sex is not the most controlled environment in history, and I’d be very loath to introduce something quite literally inflexible into the mix.

  22. Hi ive been sounding for almost a year now and the fact is i never had any problems inserting sounds from 1mm to 9mm since then ive been trying to insert 10mm and from the moment it reaches the point where my sound goes from 9 mm to 10 it hurts a bit , then as i progress slowly it starts burning then the sound pops a bit inward.
    I cannot do anything to stop it from doing that, and this is the point where its realy hurting.
    But , fortunate i have a high pain threshold and i can keep it there for a while.

    Then when im a bit acostumed to the pain i try pushing it a little deeper.
    And here is where the question comes in :

    I cant realy say if it is the opening of the urethera thats still burning from the stretching or the urethera itself that hurts from stretching.
    I have never bleeded from this , that is why i still try. (BTW: i use a lot of sterile lube)
    Is this normal? If yes, how long wil this “upgrade” take? aproximatly?
    ( not everyone is the same, i know)

  23. Just did my first sounding session. It was pretty amazing, and I am definitely going to continue. I did have one question. I was going deep, rather than big, and I thought I had hit my prostrate, because I could feel the end of the sound leave my penis but it wasn’t going a whole lot farther. I couldn’t get it past, and I didn’t want to force it, but it felt good to kind of “fuck” into it. Then when I pulled out I started peeing. I didn’t even know it was coming. I didn’t have a problem cutting it off, but it made me wonder if I was at my bladder rather than my prostrate. I was probably around eight inches in. My penis is a around six and a half inches when fully hard, and I wasn’t fully hard, but I wasn’t soft either.

    • happend to me 2 it feels great doing it but i think , what happend is that you kind of stimulated your body to pee invulontairy, i dit this many times after cause i like the feeling but i found that there is no way to controle it… i just goes 🙂 wether you like or not … personaly i dont mind. because to me it feels a bit like cumming and then … ohh its just pee … but nonetheless the feeling is great.
      I expirimented with it… i leave the sound in just before i reach the bladder so the sound is in my prostate and then i stimulate the head of my penis. Untill i cum.. but i was using a 9 mm sound so my cum was completly blocked , wich caused my body to keep cumming and cumming untill i pulled back the sound and the sperm came out.

      A day later i had my girl do it to me … its so good you schould try it!!!

    • I’m not an expert here. I’ve only been sounding about 15 months. I use a set of Hagar Sounding Rods. The are about 12″ in length. I’m up to using on that is 8 mm (marked 25) on one end and is a little larger (marked 27 – prob. 8 1/2 mm)) on the other end. I can get the large end in about 8″ or so when it stops and won’t go any further. I’ve found that if I lower the top of my cock and relax my muscles, the thing will continue to go in. I can get it all the way in..I’m suspecting that it is traveling through my prostate and maybe 2 – 3″ beyond that, probably starting to enter the bladder. Once inserted I can cum in a minute or two. I can feel my prostate gripping the rod and I’m cumming. If I wait that long, I suspect the cum flows into my bladder. It’s intense. If I can remove the rod before that point, the cum flows.

      • Can you expand a bit on when you say “you lower the tip of your cock and relax” and the sound continues in further. When you say LOWER – you mean toward your testicles, right? and, how much lower? Assuming you start out lying down, pointing straight up is 180 degrees to the floor and pointing toward your toes would be zero degrees. So what angle yields deepest entry?

      • I’m saying toward your toes between 30 and 45º. When I’m saying relax, I mean relaxing to the point of almost losing an erection. Your body will begin to accept the sounding rod. Try it and see what works for you.

  24. Could you tell me what the numbers mean on my set of Pratt’s. I feel very comfortable with the #27 all the way in (the 25 is on the other end). With some warm up, I can maneuver the 29 in, but the 31 is too tight and even with trying to stretch the hole, it still won’t go in yet. I’m practicing patience. My set goes all the way to a 43> What do the numbers mean?

  25. I tried sounding for the first time, it wasvery pleasurable
    I was laying down on my back and gravity just took over and they slipped in
    I have a hagar set. When I got to the 9 and 10 mm I lubed too much of the sound and it slipped through my fingers and went entirely inside me I freaked grabbed for it and pushed it too deep. Had intense pain and(after I found I could push it out without a problem) I had blood. Now it burns real bad when I pee, and burns for about 5 minutes after.
    Did I puncture myself or do you think its just bad irritation. I want to do it again but I’m a little scared of what happened

  26. I recommend using a thermometer. I never had any pain or discomfort with it, and it can go in a long way without any discomfort, period. I mean, think about it. The thermometer is made to go smoothly and safely into the body. The metal tip is completely safe, and easily goes in with a lot of lube. I especially like it when it finally stimulates my ejaculation reflex, god that’s a good feeling when I come.

  27. Have you tried sounding with a butt plug or aneros prostate stimulating device inserted at the same time. Any comments would be appreciated thank you

  28. I just bought a set of Haggar Sounds 8 count . The smallest is 3-4 mm up to largest being around 3/4 inch thick . I have been able to use easily the first 3 largest being 8mm thick.
    All the sounds are 8 inches long and one in is larger than the other. My question is how to I get to a larger size 10 mm and more. 8 mm went in fine but 10 mm barely goes in and I tried for a while with a lot of silicone lube and it barely entered my uretha before burning pain started. I have no idea how the really big sounds in this set could ever work.

    • That’s because Hagar sounds aren’t actually designed for urethral use (which I’ll be addressing soon in my revised version of this post), but rather for cervical dilation. Most people will never get to the huge ones as far as urethral insertion, although there are those gifted individuals out there who manage.

  29. I find 2 uses for sounding. One is masturbating, as a way to provide extra stimulation. The other is when my wife is providing CBT. She has found ways to use the sounds to add considerable “pleasure”. One is, put the sounds (stainless) in the fridge first. The coldness is awesome to feel. The other is to dip the sound in something like lemon juice or Scope (or the exotic ginger root) before insertion. The modest pain is very good, and no long lasting problems result.

    • Some people find that it does, but I’d encourage you to try to mitigate it as much as possible until you have more experience. Use small sounds and plenty of lube. You also may simply find that sounding doesn’t produce sensations that work for you.

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  31. Hello, so nice to find you. My friend and I both Submissives have been experimenting with sounding. We just bought a sounding kit which came with no instructions. So that is how I’ve come to find you. In our sounding kit there is one with a ring attached at the top. We are curious to know what that specific purpose is for?
    Hoping to hear from you…
    also every year we have a northern exposure experience 3 Day weekend of Education for all BDSM and this year will be no other exposures 4th year I believe or 5th I can’t remember. Anyhow “Northern Exposure” is located in Alaska. Have you ever been here? I’m going to suggest to the Foxden who are the ones who bring up all the presenters and suggest that they snatch you up so to speak lol.
    I’m going to email your page to them…well hopefully you’ll be hearing from them.

    • I’m certainly familiar with Northern Exposure, Lee Harrington, a friend of mine has done it, even before he moved up that way.

      The only sounds with rings on top that I’ve personally seen were ones that could vibrate, usually taking a AAA battery

  32. I use a push from a gasoline motor to shove up my penis, it’s about 10 inches long and 1/4inch in diameter ,it is very smooth , is that ok to use ?
    I have had very strong climaxes with it. It goes in when I’m soft but ends up hard. I’m not that big about 4.5 inches when hard.

  33. I just started sounding using a Heager 6mm. I find it very enjoyable. My problem is I have a burning at the meatus. It makes insurtion a problem. I would like to go to a 7mm , but i am not sure how to make this step. I am doing it with a soft penis. If i use a smaller sound first this makes insurtion of the 7mm better. It also takes a lot of pressure to insert. Please help me, because i want to increase in size with out the burning. I enjoy sounding and do not want to stop. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • MILD burning sensations are not unheard of. I’d say that you may be a bit sensitive to either the lube or sound you’re using, which combined with the increased sensation from the larger sound is contributing to the issue. Also, Heagar sounds are rather blunt (being cervical dilators) and you may benefit from trying a more tapered sound like a Dittel (straight) set.

  34. Hi. I am used to sound with soft or hard sounds. I wanted to try the rosebud sounds but in the sex shop I was told that they refuse to sell them because it happened some time that they break inside the urethra ! It makes me fear but I wtill want to try a rosebud urethral sound. What is your opinion ?

    • Many of the rosebuds sounds I see are *very* low quality, and breakage is an unlikely, but hardly impossible risk. If you’re worried about it, get high quality versions by specifically searching for German-made bile duct dialators (which is what “rosebud sounds” are).

  35. Hi there. I love your blog on sounding. My wife and I have been doing this for a few weeks now and we have been doing great but I am at a point now where I can not get a bigger sound to go in without pain. Before we just lubed it up well and stuck it in tge tip and let the weight of the sound do the work and it would slowly slide into my urethra. This is no longer working with a bigger size and if I put any pressure on the sound I feel pain. What do I do?

    • If you keep increasing in size you do eventually hit a point where the weight of the sound isn’t adequate to carry it into the urethra. At the same time, the pain is concerning. One thing is to add additional lube, as the lube could be getting squeegeed off by your meatus on the way in. Other than that, you might try a different kind of sound, perhaps one covering an intermediate size.

    • I’ve found it easier to use 2 sounds together to stretch up when I get stuck – eg I could take 7mm easily, but 8mm was impossible – but found I could use 4+5mm (wasn’t as easy as 7mm, but didn’t cause any bleeding). I ended up buying 2 8-pc hegar kits so I’ll have all combos possible.

  36. Awhile this is a two year old blog post, I have a question to ask on the topic. I’ve recently gone into using Hegar sounds and they have been great and fun. But something worries me and also surprises me. Before using Hegar sounds (being my first sounds and current ones of use) my penis head grew more pronounced than prior to using sounds. Prior to using sounds, the head of my penis was rather narrow and lacked shape. However after using the sounds, my penis head grew more rounded like a helmet head.There is no feeling of swelling or any stinging whatsoever. So my question is, is it normal for the head/helmet of the penis to change after the use of sounds?

  37. Guys, guys, guys! This is your cock we are talking about here, he’s your best friend in the whole wide world, why would you even think of shoving something not specially designed into him. It’s not as though they are that expensive.

    I happened on this site and got curious so I headed off to the sex shop today and purchased a couple of beginners sounds. One was a 1 & 2mm and the other a 3 & 4 mm. I reckon I have a small urethra so I started off with the 2 and was surprised how easily it went in so I tried the 3 and got that just about all the way in. I had a good play jerking off with it in. I’m a bit averse to pain so I didn’t cum with it in but had fun anyway (that’s for next time). Glad to have no blood or pain afterwards and was defiantly worth a try. I’m not sure if I’m a convert yet but will certainly give it another go.

    Thanks Wintersong for a great starting point for a complete novice 🙂

  38. I bought a rosebud sounding rod, and it actually comes to a sharp point at the end. I find this very confusing, and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be that way. At least, when I bought it, I didn’t expect it to come to a point. Is that normal/safe? If I poke myself with it, it’s not enough to draw blood, but it’s enough for my body to say, “Yeah, that’s a sharp object.”

    • That sounds (no pun intended) like a rosebud sound that has had the “bud” come off. Is it just a straight rod with a slight point on the end, or does it bulb out noticeably?

      “Rosebud sounds” are actually bile duct dilators, and many of the ones readily and cheaply available are of low quality manufacture. Coming apart at the seams where the handle or the bud are brazed to the rod itself is unfortunately not uncommon.

      • oh, yay! it never showed me that you’d commented back. I was beginning to think I’d asked a stupid question x3

        it bulbs out noticeably, then it almost comes to a round end but instead comes to a distinct point. I tried to take a picture, but with my low-quality webcam, it still looks like it’s a rounded bulb. You almost wouldn’t be able to tell it had a point until you touched the end and it bit you.

        Where would you suggest getting one that’s NOT sharp on the end? :3

  39. Great discussion. Love sounding my cock. Would love to connect for mutual c2c cam play. Is there a directory of social web sites for sounders?

  40. wow this blogging about sounding is awesome..i actually never knew this was practiced..ill tell you just the other day i was using a meat thermometer it was im guessing about 6in kind of a small one the reading head was about an inch and half in diameter of course the other end was pointed..i did it once before with regular oral was pleasurable..anyway the weight at the top of meat thermometer it would just slide all the way down to my meatus..i was pulling out letting it fall back down. It was nice but i wanted something more. Well guess what i used and never thought it would actually fit i used one of those round bic pens it was awesome..i took it all in (i was standing).i never heard of using would come out slow and ide push it back up. so pleasurable..I was so horny you might say,..didnt think of the bacteria issue..i was lucky..before I started playing i ordered the eight rose buds.. anyway after i was through. i had to pee maybe half hour later and man did it burn i thought i had UTI. but it subsided so glad to hear it was normal reaction especially with no lube..burning at tip went away in 2 days so thank ill be more careful from now rosebuds be here in a day of so I cant wait..thank you so much for sharing..Ive never used a lube..or thought about it…so can I use KY jelly or is there something I can buy at walmart?..I probe my rectum to message my prostate its pleasurable so Now I want to see if i can touch i with rose bud..thank you again so much..I keep you posted on my journey…Wayne..

    • For lube, I really can’t recommend getting sterile lube highly enough! Fortunately, just about every pharmacy has it or can order it, and it isn’t very expensive. In the US the most common brand name is going to be “SurgiLube” and I’d ask for that by name at the pharmacy.

      • I just had the best rush ever. I tried sounding at the same time I was giving myself an enema. I stroked my urethra with a str8 rod – while the warm water was flowing into me. Ejaculation was phenomena! Thanks for your blog

  41. I am having a problem going bigger on my sounds. I can not get a bigger sound through the meatus of my cock, it hurts too bad when trying to insert it in. Is there anything I can do to get this next size sound in?

  42. Urethra input (external urethral orifice) stretch.
    I always Increase in steps of 0.5 mm with Hegar Dillatoren. If you increase too fast there is a risk the cracks. Scar tissue that emerges can be stretched badly. Until now I have reached 13.5 mm begun I have with 6mm diameter.
    Of course I also have a constriction at the external urethral orifice, the stretching you have to laboriously. Since a meatotomy does not help.
    Of course, a Pain Relief is useful in a diameter increase. I use Xylocaine gel 2%. Since you have to be careful of course that you rangeht not be too hard because you can, otherwise injuries because you feel less pain. So just slowly increase the diameter.
    For a 0.5 mm step I need about 2 to 3 months.
    With a 11 mm Hegar Dillator I get past the constriction of the prostate. To stretch the prostate bottleneck I find quite enjoyable.

    • Experienced sounder here….finally had the ultimate experience. My experienced sounding partner removed my 13mm sound after about a hour play and went down my urethra with his little finger..Wow….what a great feeling…..He also got rock hard the experience….and we want to gradually progress to the next size finger.


  43. Just the article I was looking for. I’ve been very curious about the subject for years and years. And, I think I’m going to put if off longer. You mentioned a little bleeding and I’m on blood thinners. Know your (my) limits.


    • I’m really glad the article was informative and beneficial to you in terms of aiding your decision making in terms of what risks you are and aren’t open to.

      Beats the pants off of some of the emails I get, believe me!

  44. I have only sounded a few times, but really like it. My urethral opening is rather large. I can put my little finger down 2 inches. Today I tried a larger Hegar sound from my set…. The 9-10mm… Everything was going well, until I tore something and started gushing blood… Like a piss stream 3 inches in the air of blood. Probably a cup or more of blood. Scared the shit out of me, considering it never hurt at all.

    Had the thought about having to go to the ER in my small town. Embarrassing, yes…but having to pay out of pocket really didn’t sit well. Anyway, I pinched it off and eventually did get it stopped. I have urinated, and there is only a slightly discomforting burn. No more than every before. Scary.

    Be careful!

  45. I started sounding a few days back . nothing too thick ( 2 mm to maybe 5 m ) .the last time i sounded myself, there was a little blood that oozed out ( i mean little )
    Nevertheless , i have decided not to sound anymore .
    I need to know whether i will need to visit the doctor for the bleeding , or it will heal by itself

    • I’m not a medical professional, and regardless most wouldn’t make a diagnosis over the internet.

      That’s a decision only you can make, but my personal guideline is when in doubt, seek treatment

  46. Thanks for all the good advice posted here.
    Can anyone leave a detailed description of HOW exactly to get a flexible silicone sound to enter the bladder? I always seem to get stuck right at the entrance to the bladder. I’m reluctant to push too hard once I feel resistance – what exactly should it feel like?
    is there any special position to put oneself in that makes it easier, or does one need to tense up or face mecca or WHAT? Is there a certain diameter sound that makes it easier? I just want to try it once since the rest of this ride has been quite enjoyable:).

    • That’s really just such a terrible idea. If you want to penetrate the bladder PLEASE use an actual medical catheter. If you don’t want to deal with urine, you can always seal the end before use.

      Introducing non-sterile things into the bladder is a great way to get a nasty infection.

  47. Hi.
    Fantastic blog! i just recently received a set of hegar sounds & have been enjoying experimenting with them immensely. However the last time i played with them something unexpected happened, i ejaculated. No stimulation aside from the sound sliding deeper under its own weight. But as it got to the base of my cock, & went deeper, i got a sensation similar to ejaculation at the base of my cock. Then semen actually leaked out around the still inserted sound. Needless to say i was very surprised. i didn’t feel along my taint to see how a deep it actually went, but could i have hit my prostate? i am under assignment for prolonged edgings, & was going on about 2 weeks. It felt much more like a milking than an orgasm, but i had never heard of this happening. Any feed back is appreciated.


    • Many people sound specifically for the prostate stimulation, and I’m guessing that’s what’s going on here. I’ve not heard of milking play done with sounds, but you’re on to something.

  48. Thanks for a great blog, very interesting and informative.

    I would be grateful if you could answer a question. I have been sounding for a few months now and have just brought a pratt set.When I insert the rod it slides down into my urethra to about 9 inches and stop. if I apply pressure it meets resistance and is a bit painful. So my question, have I reach my prostate or is this the bladder.

    Inserting the rod normally makes me erect, should I wait until i have lost my erection

  49. I have a question I just into sounding and really like the feel of but last night was the second time I have tried it. I was letting the sound go in on its own then all the sudden urine came out all around the sound so I pulled it out and stopped. I feel fine I have been peeing normal I assume that It went into my bladder that why but newbie being nervous. I’m going to wait till I hear back to do it again

  50. Alright, I’m kind of freaking out right now. I just used a sound for the first time and it was a sound with bumps and balls on it. After getting it in the opening to get it farther I had to move it around, felt a “pop” and it went in a little farther, I kept it there for a few seconds and tried to go farther, felt pain around the area and stopped and pulled it out a little, after the pain stopped, I moved it around again, felt another “pop” and the rest of it went in. Then I pulled it out, looked at the top of the sound (the part that was deepest inside my urethra) and it had basically yellow seman or yellow something on it, worried I tore or damaged something, I ejaculated and it come out yellow (normally white) and had pain urinating (reading that it’s normal I feel better about it) I just would like to know if I should seek medical attention or if I’m fine and it’s normal.

  51. Hi, i am New to sounding, i bought my first sound today. Always want to try it. And so far i love it. its silicon vibrating sound 6 mm thick 19 cm long with 11 cm insertable length. The experience was great, i masturbate with sound inside, everything was fine till i took sound out and went for pee. It hurts/burn like hell. But you say thats part of it. i don’t think i hurt myself because everything feels fine.
    My question is if i can do something to don’t have this pain?
    Or by more often insertion my penis will get used to it and me too?
    Thanks for any advice.
    I attach link to the product

  52. really enjoyed your article and hoped I could ask you a quick question…
    I had first tried insertion with a rubber plug which had a few bumps along its length, I found that I could take this ok and invested in a higher quality metal plug, again with bumps along its length.
    with the metal plug however I find I’m able to take an inch or so of it and then it feels like there is something preventing it going deeper. the same doesn’t happen with the rubber one although there is a definite bump feeling when I insert it past a certain point and I know there is a slight kink in the urethra.

    do I need to angle the metal one differently to get it past the slight kink in the urethra or could it just be the thickness of the metal one is too much for me? (the rubber one grows to the same girth but is a more gradual taper)

    thanks for your time and help

    • It sounds (no pun intended) like you’re talking about the boundary between the urethral passage through the glans as opposed to the actual urethra, which starts at the base of the head. It’s probably just a size issue, the metal one maybe a bit bigger or it’s just that the rubber one had a bit more give.

  53. I posted a really long message but it didn’t appear.

    Is a vaginal cream meant for lubricating a dry vagina be suitable for sounding? I really don’t want to pay so much money for 10-20 grams of sterile gels from an online sex-shop. 🙂

    • The vaginal cream is an interesting question, I’m not sure. Pharmacies carry sterile lube cheaper, as it’s used for a number of things, such as self-catheters. It’s also available cheap through sites like Amazon.

  54. In the description is says it’s antiseptic, that it can be used with and without a condom. I am thinking that it can’t do any harm. It’s name is Gleitgelen. I’m not from the US so I don’t have too many options.

  55. Hi I have tried sounding with a 2″ long small sound that comes with an estim kit. It is the fulsome 8mm sound. The problem that I have is that even with the small sound I can not get it further than about 2cm in past the tip before it will go no further. Once I pushed hard and it went in but hurt so I have not done that since. Any suggestions??

      • Thanks for the advice guys. I got a set of heger sounds and they are doing the trick. I can now comfortably get a 7mm sound if right away and then move onto the 8mm without any pain. I use a 7mm-8mm sound and insert the 7mm end and let it slide in to the 8mm part which gently opens up the opening of my cock. I can then turn the sound around and get the 8mm end in easily. I can then move onto the folsom electrode 🙂

  56. Hello,
    This is Jake, from post MARCH 5, 2014 AT 12:09 AM. I wanted to update and admire your additional notes to this article. When I made the post in March, the condition described faded away after a few weeks. I am still using Hegar Sounds and SurgiLube. I am looking for size advice. I am unable to get past the 10mm sound, I mean I can use the 10mm sound, but I can’t use the next sound mainly because the underside of the meatus gets in the way. I’ve heard of getting a meatotomy to solve that issue, but is there another way without needing to get a meatotomy?

    • Hi
      I want to go to the next size im on 8mm but how do i get the larger one down my pee hole i split it the other day took a while to stop bleeding but i will persivere
      also on skype stevebutt69

      • Do you not think that the increase of 1 mm at a time is too large. This is after all a peripheral increase of 3.14 mm. I increase ever in 0.5 mm increments. If you increase too quickly, the risk of the cracks. Scar tissue that emerges can be stretched badly.
        I increase ever in 0.5 mm increments. Your need for an increase of 0.5 mm about 2-3 months, when you practice every 2-3 days. To increase faster does not make sense, because otherwise scar tissue forms, which can be stretched badly.
        Yes, practice makes perfect. I train every 2 days for about 1 to 2 hours with the Hegar dilator. The only way I can venture in the next 2-3 months 0.5 mm jump. Meanwhile, I’m at 13,5 mm, I started with a 6 mm diameter.

      • Never and I mean never do a pee-hole split (meatotomy) without the proper research, items, etc. Personally with my peehole split I followed the scalpel cut method (without the pain numbing cream) which took forever, but to stop the bleeding, I used a combination of tissues with pressure and witch-hazel (a natural herb that stops bleeding).

        Like what Jagstein said, triain yourself as well. Stick with one sound (at this case 8mm) for a week, see if you can try the next, if not extend your use of 8mm for the next week and further if you can’t continue one. The key is patience, if you rush yourself, you risk hurting yourself.


  57. Hi, great and informative article thanks. I totally agree about using proper sounds! I have the Hager (which I prefer) and the Rosebud type.

    My question is while super enjoying it, I find the sound (more so Hager type) by itself slides back up and falls out.. In heaps of the pics and vids I see this doesn’t happen.. Same with any urethra plugs.. Just slide back out (against gravity!)

    Is there a trick I’m missing?

    • There’s something to be said for very consciously relaxing your PC muscles, but other than that, what you’re describing is pretty normal and common. I find it less of an issue with a brushed-finish metal, or silicone sound. I find that I’m always having to gently press a sound back into place.

  58. I can’t stand it anymore…… I need to stretch to an 8mm, but my urethra won’t let it happen without pain. I managed to get it through a couple of times and it was very pleasurable, but every time I go back to an 8mm I feel like a virgin all over again. Very painful and I use plenty of water soluble lube! Why can’t I get it to stretch to an 8mm???

    • Yes, practice makes perfect. I work out every 2 days for about 1 to 2 hours by Hegar dilator. Of course, a Pain Relief gel is helpful for a diameter increase. I use Xylocaine gel 2%. Then of course you have to be careful that you do not increase too fast, because you can hurt yourself otherwise, because you feel less pain. So slowly increase the diameter. The only way I can take the next leap 0.5 mm in 2-3 months. Meanwhile, I’m at 13.5 mm, I started at 6 mm diameter. A 11-mm diameter and 19 cm long Hegar dilator I get past the prostate. Very pleasant feeling, then I can masturbate just fine. There are in the urethra into the bladder on the way three constrictions. The first is the lack of space which is located on the gloss side at the level of the Frenulumansatzes. The second bottleneck is at the entrance prostate and prostate. The third bottleneck is the bubble entrance.

      • I had a similar issue with Gegar sounds and then I found a set of Dittle ones. These ones have a much gentler taper. I find that by using those I can open up more easily

  59. Hello,

    I’m considering buying a sounding set and maybe a few plugs. I have a boatload of questions.

    I’m curious if it’s safe/what the risks are to have various kinds of sex with a penis plug inserted: oral, vaginal, anal? I assume you’d drop down a size or two to reduce the chances of tearing anything from thrusting. But even then… is it still too risky? What about the more flexible tube/metal hybrid plugs? Or silicone? How long of a plug is too long for thrusting? Would a through-hole affect safety (UTI risk) for oral? Vaginal? Anal? Does it hurt to cum if the plug is blocking it?

    And lastly, how long can you leave a plug in? Which materials/lubes can you leave in the longest?

    Thanks. 🙂

    • I’d be really reluctant to have penetrative sex with a rigid sound, but a silicone one would be a viable option. I’d still use protection, ESPECIALLY if you’re using a “pee-through” model.

  60. just bought rods for the boyfriend I did tell him I was buying them for him and he didn’t say not to, any tips for me as im gonna be the one using them on him, im realy looking forward to this in a good way that is 🙂

  61. Possibly a silly question but how do you know when you’ve reached the prostate gland. I’ve noticed the sound rotating and then stopping after approx 8 inches, does this indicate reaching the prostate please?

    • Hmm, no one has ever asked that before.

      I’d say, palpate the perineum without a sound in place to get a feel for where the prostate is (you may feel it with your finger, or the person whose prostate it is will tell you that it feels more intense there), and then when the sound reaches that point, which you can feel through the skin of the perineum, you’re at the prostate

  62. been trying sounds now for a bit now do enjoy it dont really no why had small amount of blood come out for the first time was a bit worried but read a for places like this so im ok about it now but am wondering why this may happen

  63. I’ve noticed recently that after urinating I get a few extra drops escaping after I’m done and zipped. I’ve tried to take a couple seconds longer to be sure it all gets out but still I get those bonus drops as I walk away.

    Am I going to deep or wide? I have never felt discomfort while sounding and I don’t want to stop. But I wear khakis to work and am tired of checking if I have a wet spot before entering a room.

    Right now I play once a week and my biggest piece is 22cm long and 9mm diameter.

    I’ve also noticed my c*m doesn’t shoot out like it used to, but I think you mentioned that was a side effect.

    • Hi bmg hope we can hook up and cam and chat im trying to get my 9mm in but so difficult any tips bmg or any other guys im on skype stevebutt69

    • By dripping after urinating wealthier all old masturbators and Sounder problems. I am 70 years old and masturbate for 62 years. My explanation for this phenomenon is that the urethra is widened to the bladder sphincter so there remains the urine then seeping out. I will solve the problem as I auffange after urinating a tissue or toilet paper briefly inlay in the pants and the urine.

  64. I found this post so informative and just what I was looking for. Having just bought some to use on my submissives I was looking for real life advice in safe use and sterizing them so thank you

    • My personal experience was that once I’d been sounding for awhile, I no longer had much in the way of burning sensation after a session unless I was too dry or went to larger sound. But your mileage may vary.

  65. So my boyfriend was interested in this i can’t seem to find much on if its posable to stick his dick in side mine. or anything as such would go… Ive read some competes you made about using “normal” sex toys in to your self but see nothing about achy having him in me… Im interested in learning more so if you having sights i could/should look at that would be greatly appreciated. =>~<=

  66. Thanks for the reply. I’ve scaled back on the frequency of my sessions and have noticed the drips have stopped and I can also fire off like I used too. I recently started playing more with prostate oriented toys. Including some fun with E-stim. No matter what I’ve tried sounding or direct prostate stimulation, I can’t seen to achieve a full on hands free organ that I enjoy always longed for. Any suggestions?

  67. I am a Dominatrix Who sounds Myself ,however I have no experience sounding a male and My partner has asked to begin sounding regularly.As far as learning what to do ,I believe I have that covered but what I dont know is how to measure for a sound.We do not want to stretch and are more interested in using this for play during restrained edging ( nearly done nightly here) so I dont want to purchase a set.There are many sites offering single sounds ….over time I’d like to be able to drop all the way in so we would need a long sound,but i have no clue how to tell which mm we should order…..

    do you have any advice or size recommendations ?

    also on a side note,he would be restrained and in an arm binder in a custom recline chair so I will tip him and lock him in a position that he would be able to see what I’m doing ,so is there a specific sound that would have more of a visual impact “

  68. I have limited myself to penis plugs (up to about 75mm insertion), find the sensations pleasant/erotic and, with sensible hygiene, have never had any problems. Do shop around though because prices vary enormously. I have not paid more than £20 for items which I have seen advertised for up to £60 so, as in most things, there is a rip-off side to this.

  69. been using a plug 8mm, new to this I love it I left it in about an hour felt great when I pulled it out it had a small amount of off white color stuff on it an I leaked some out but no pain peeing or any time is that normal ?

  70. All the Hegar sounds I’ve found are presented as small size an odd # mm & an even # mm. Does anyone know where you can get small size an odd # mm & an even # mm. This would help in moving up the sizes.

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  72. Meanwhile I get a 16mm plug into my meatus externus. Therefore now have a 16 mm Penisplug used me permanently with longitudinal bore. So that I can again controlled piss. Because with a meatus externus opening of 16 mm of urine sprayed sometimes uncontrollably. The plug I gather only for cleaning, or if I want to continue to stretch the meatus. With the plug inserted I can also masturbate well. The 15mm Penisplug fell out after 2 weeks of itself. It looks like that you can stretch his meatus externus opening easily with this method. The 16mm plug now employed I do not feel. I wear the plug only to the meatus externus to stretch further, and to control the urine stream.

  73. Ein bis 2 Stunden dehnen am Tag reicht durchaus aus. Das wirst du aber nicht Täglich durchführen können, wegen der schmerzen. Es ist besser, zwischen den Dehnsitzungen mehrere Tage Pause zu machen, und erst wenn keine Schmerzen mehr auftreten weiter zu machen. Ich steigere immer in 0,5 mm Schritten mit Hegar Dilatoren. Wenn man zu schnell steigert, besteht die Gefahr das Risse entstehen. Narbengewebe, das dabei entsteht, lässt sich schlecht dehnen. Bis jetzt habe ich 16 mm erreicht begonnen habe ich bei 6 mm Durchmesser. Natürlich habe ich auch eine Engstelle am Meatus urethrae Externus, die man mühsam dehnen muss. Da hilft auch eine Meatotomie nichts. Der Meatus urethrae Externus besteht aus festen Bindegewebe. Ein Schmerzgel ist hilfreich bei einer Durchmesser Steigerung. Ich verwende Xylocain Gel 2 %. Da muss man natürlich aufpassen, dass man nicht zu hart rangeht, weil man sich sonst verletzen kann, weil man weniger Schmerz fühlt. Also nur langsam den Durchmesser steigern. Für einen 0,5-mm-Schritt brauche ich etwa 2 bis 3 Monate. Einen konischen Mahlerpinsel solltest du nicht verwenden, weil man den schlecht sterilisieren kann. Außerdem kann bei dieser Methode Narbengewebe entstehen die das ganze verzögert. Dilatoren mit Bohrung sind in dieser Größe schlecht zu finden. Wenn ich urinieren oder ejakulieren will nehme ich den Dilator einfach raus, und führe ihn dann wieder ein. Hin und her schieben und drehen des Dilators bring auch nichts, und führt nur zu Mikrorissen die dann das gewünschte Ergebnis verlangsamen. Nur mit Geduld kommt man weiter.

  74. A stretch to 2 hours a day is quite sufficient from. You’ll but can not perform daily, because of the pain. It is better to make between Dehnsitzungen several day break, and only if no more pain occur to continue. I always Increase in 0.5mm increments with Hegar dilators. If one increases too quickly, there is a risk that cracks. Scar tissue that emerges leaves, stretch poor. So far I have achieved 16 mm started I diameter 6 mm. Of course I have a bottleneck at the urethral meatus externus, one must stretch tedious. As a meatotomy does not help. The urethral meatus externus consists of solid tissue. A Schmerzgel is helpful in a diameter increase. I use Xylocaine gel 2%. Since you have to be careful, of course, that one rangeht not too hard, because you can otherwise injuries because you feel less pain. So slowly increase the diameter. For a 0.5-mm-step I need about 2 to 3 months. A conical Mahler brush you should not use, because you can sterilize the poor. Moreover, in this method the scar tissue caused all delayed. Dilators with bore are hard to find in this size. If I want to urinate or ejaculate I take the dilator just get out, and then do it again. Back and forth slide and rotate the dilator also bring nothing, and only leads to microcracks then slow down the desired result. Only with patience goes a long way.

  75. Still progressing with my sounds upto a 10mm and still pushing on I use a numbing spray to get the next size in I love it so much cant wait to get the 11mm rod in-Skype me stevebutt69 we can c2c together

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