Del has written a beautiful, insightful, and at times heart-rending essay about what happens when people do and don’t energetically and spiritually invest in the success of their events.

I’d also like to note that while he wrote this post from only his perspective, the whole of Tashrisketlin supports and agrees with the stated experiences and positions in it.

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

Before I begin: This is my personal observation and feelings. This is not political commentary, not a public criticism, not an official statement of any sort. I am only speaking as myself, a person who experienced these things and had these reactions, and not as any official representative of anything other than my Gods. I hate that I even have to state that, and I know there will be fallout anyway, but there it is.

I should also state that this is going to take quite a while to get the point, but I ask that you hang in there, because I think it’s a fairly important one. You just need to understand all the experiences that lead to the revelation for it to make sense. I promise I’m not usually this verbose.

There we were, standing by the firelight. I was coming back to my body after a prolonged…

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