POTD 2/6/12 Detroit Citizens Taking Charge

From The Daily comes the story of Detroit citizen’s struggle to protect themselves in a city with exorbitant crime and a severely underfunded and understaffed police department. In the face of impotent and even uncaring responses from police to burglaries, and violent crime, people have taken up arms in a modern day pseudo-post-apocalyptic wild west. “Justifiable Homicide” rates are way up, and the more well to do residents have hired private self-described para-military forces to try to keep them safe.


On the one hand it’s very disturbing, but on the other, not remotely unexpected.

One thought on “POTD 2/6/12 Detroit Citizens Taking Charge

  1. It’s unfortunate, but when the police are cut as much as they are out here, there’s only one solution: protect your own. Given the beating Michigan’s economy has been through, I’m expecting this trend to branch out, unfortunately, as things get tighter.

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