POTD 2/2/12 Where My Brain Has Been

For tonight’s Post of the Day, I’ve decided to show you what’s been eating up my life the last few weeks.

Dark Odyssey Winter Fire is one of the larger, and dare I say, best, sexuality/kink/spirituality events in the United States. It takes a dedicated crew of people and a significant investment of time to make an event of this scale a success. For the past several weeks I’ve been working with one of the event producers to get all the programing together, from choosing specific classes, to building the schedule grid, to writing and editing the bios, descriptions, and advertisements for the program book. 

Winter Fire is happening in just a few short weeks, and I’m justifiably proud of the programing line-up we’ve put together. You can check it out here(link possibly NSFW): Dark Odyssey Winter Fire 2012 Presenters & Workshops  although there have been a few changes since this was posted.

Once the event is over I’ll be able to be a bit more reliable with my blogging and hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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