POTD 1/23/12 “Heterosexual?”

Salon.com recently carried this fascinating interview with the author of the new book “Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality.” I’m adding this book to my “must read” list because the questions, history and issues she raises point to the possibility of a fundamentally different understanding of sexuality in culture, psychology, and history. My favorite quote from the interview would be this one:

I question their (research pointing to physiologic differences between straight and gay bodies/brains) validity  primarily because nobody has established or in fact attempted to establish that there is a canonical straight body. And if you don’t have characterized control, you can bet your bottom dollar I am not going to believe your hypothesis. It’s really that simple.

All of this research that is purporting to look for physiological material differences between gay bodies and straight bodies: What are they comparing it to?  Their assumption that they know magically what a heterosexual body is?  When no one has actually established what that is.  That’s bad science.

On a personal note, I am feeling much better, although my energy level isn’t coming back as quickly as I would like. But the full length blog post should be up in the near future, along with my next Bilerico piece. 

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