Announcement! (finally)

This morning, a new post of mine went up at The Bilerico Project. From here on out this will be a regular occurrence, because as of today I am the site’s newest regular contributor! This is both a terrifying and thrilling step in my work, and coming on the heels of becoming a programming coordinator for Dark Odyssey, hopefully says good things about the direction I’m going in.

It is going to be a challenge to write for a mainstream(ish) publication without loosing my sense of self. After much discussion, I reached a compromise with Bilerico’s managing editor on what name I will be using, which is also the topic of my first contributor post there. I know full well that if I loose sight of who I am and what I do, there will be a long line of people and gods waiting to kick my ass, starting with a tag team of The Lady and Fireheart (and those are two scary entities to have angry with you). It’s a delicate and frightening edge to walk, but one I’m hoping to manage it with grace.

So what does that mean for Notes From A Barking Shaman? Nothing really. When I post at Bilerico I will likely make that my POTD, but moving forward, NFABS will continue to have a Post Of The Day six days a week, with an in depth essay posted every Saturday. I do not yet know how frequently I will end up posting at Bilerico, but it will be at least once a week.

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