Chris Wallace Goes ’80s When Talking About HIV

Apparently Chris Wallace, while interviewing GOP candidate Ron Paul of Texas, fell through some sort of rift in the fabric of time and space. That is by far the most charitable explanation I can find for his irresponsible, homophobic, and frankly disgusting implication that HIV/AIDS is an illness unique to the gay community. Unsurprisingly, despite being a medical doctor, Ron Paul does not correct Wallace’s misstatement. And again, I will try to give Mr. Wallace the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was a misstatement rather than gross lack of knowledge about one of the most significant illnesses in all of human history.

I’m not seeing much about this in the LGBT press, so spread the word folks.

2 thoughts on “Chris Wallace Goes ’80s When Talking About HIV

  1. I will say that I find this whole display disgusting and reprehensible, but not surprising at all. For every step forward that we make, it seems like there will always be people who are blind and refuse to see that world changing around them. The only thing that we can do is continue to push forward and hope that we can bring as many as we can with us.

    Thank you for posting this, the best cure for this kind of idiocy and bigotry is to drag it out into the light and force them to acknowledge us as equals.

  2. While saying that it’s a gay disease is reprehensible, I would be willing to give him a chance to correct the statement (yeah I may get some crap for that). I think that within the context he was trying to see if Ron Paul had some prejudices against something that he, and many others still believe is a “gay disease,” and it was possibly (emphasis on possibly) just poorly worded and executed.The idea of leaving AIDS care to an unregulated insurance market frightens me. I think he was trying to see if it extended to all chronic and/or terminal illnesses or just the “gay one” so too speak. Does that mean it wasn’t offensive? Absolutely not! He should apologize immediately. It’s not only offensive but dangerous. The sad fact is that there are still far too many people with that mistaken belief which could lead to more sexual carelessness. That’s just my too cents.

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