KinkAcademy Contest!

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Wintersong Tashlin has partnered with Kink Academy, the internet’s biggest and best source for instructional videos on sexuality, kink/BDSM, relationships, and more to hold a contest offering a free one-month membership for one lucky and creative kinkster. has over 550 videos from the best instructors in the world, with five new video clips going online every week from Sarah Sloane, Mollena, Greydancer, Murphy Blue, Wintersong Tashlin, Princess Kali, and more than 95 other incredible educators. Check out the free sample page for more!

The contest is simple: in preparation for the his upcoming book “A Kinkster’s Guide to the Cock” Wintersong is compiling a list of the most inventive slang terms for the various parts of the male genitalia that people can think up.

He is seeking fun and imaginative slang names for:

The Whole Package









Spermatic Cords

The winner will be judged on creativity and how challenging the anatomical feature is to name (not a lot of “spermatic cord” slang out there for instance).

The contest closes on  Monday Oct. 31st and the winning entry will be announced the next day. You can leave a comment here or email me your submission. And remember, even if you don’t win, all that awesome content is only $14.95 per month away.

4 thoughts on “KinkAcademy Contest!

  1. I call the various male body bits the following:

    Penis — “The Pokey Part”
    Scrotum — “The Grab Sack”
    Testicles — “Ouchies”
    Spermatic Cords — “The Reins”
    Corona — “Ring Around the Suck Slut”
    Glans — “The Blind Mole Rat” or “Velvet Gentleman” (depending on the owner)
    Penis — “Man Meat” or “Engorged Clity” (depending on gender)
    Urethra — “Fuck Hole”
    Meatus — The “I’m About to Screw Your ‘Fuck Hole'”
    Foreskin — the “You Lucky Fuck! Glove”

    Come on, folks! SUBMIT!

  2. The Whole Package – The Sometimes Danger Zone

    Penis – The Soldier (Who’s Napping Right Now)

    Scrotum – Surface of Mars

    Testicles – Soufflé (Really Fucking Good When Handled Just Right)

    Glans – The Real Meat

    Foreskin – Wizard’s Cloak

    Corona – The Little Crown

    Urethra – The Pipes

    Meatus – The Crevice

    Spermatic Cords – The Strings Of Life

  3. Penis- Juice Bottle

    Scrotum- Kumquats

    Testicals- JuJu juice

    Glans- Run off drip

    Foreskin- Cap

    Corona- Sweet Spot

    Urethra- Straw

    Meatus- Spout

    Spermatic Cords- Juice Circuits

  4. I have LOVED all the suggestions I’ve had! After much deliberation weighing the best of the best the winner is:

    Fetlife user “Quirinus” who suggested “axis mundi” as a name for the penis.

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