Things Settling Down (finally)

Hey all,

It’s obviously been quite a while since we had a NFABS post, for which I apologize. I’ve quite quite a backlog of topics I’ll be writing on in the next several weeks.

My move is largely done, and Fire, I and Tashrisketlin are now located in Maine, about 30min from Portland. Our lives are still in boxes and there’s more of our stuff still back in NH than we’d like, but it is coming along.

In about 90min I’ll be setting out on the road for Edison, NJ to present at The Floating World. My schedule there is pretty packed, with three classes for the event and shooting a new class for KinkAcademy. I’m not foolish enough to promise an essay while I’m in NJ, but the blog will resume it’s semi-regular schedule soon after my return.

Thanks for being patient.

-Wintersong Tashlin

7/28/11 writing from Gorham, Maine

2 thoughts on “Things Settling Down (finally)

  1. After all the problems that you’ve faced so far, I hope that the move is as stress-free as possible. I hope things get back to an even keel and life evens out along with it.

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