New LGBT Class Added!

I’ve added a new class to my Queer/LGBT offerings:

“Out in the World”

For some of us, high school and/or college can be a wonderful time of self-discovery and community. For others it is a trial to be endured, the reward of which we are assured, is the freedom to embrace our true selves when we go out into the world on our own. Regardless of your experience, the transition from high school into college, and then from there into the “real world” (or directly into the “real world” if college is not part of your path) can be an exciting, daunting, magical, and dangerous, time for young queer/LGBT people. In this workshop we’ll talk about coming out, building a “family of choice,” interacting with school administration and employers, confronting homo/transphobia on our own, relationships, self-identity and more.

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