Listening in the Dark

This is an essay of mine republished from God’s Mouths, a blog I write for aimed at the spirit work community.

Nearly every night for over a year I have found myself sitting at my computer in the hours after midnight, scouring the World Wide Web, looking for something. I have to confess, I don’t really know what it is I’m looking for. I scan article after article from various news sources trying to build a picture in my mind of what is happening to our world.

Nearly any time you get together a gathering of spirit workers you will find that there is a big elephant in the room that doesn’t get talked about. More of us then I can count have been told by our respective gods to “Get really. Get ready faster, you need to be prepared in time. Something’s coming.” Pressed for details, the gods get reticent. Many of us have been told “we can’t tell you what is coming; things are still too much in the air for even us to know for sure.”

For some of us this is a bigger deal than for others. My Lady is a deity of productive destruction. I am a diviner, who also has a strong pre-cognitive gift. That combination means that this question is always in the back of my mind, like a song you can’t quite remember, but you still have stuck in your head.

The Lady and Var, her not -quite -servant, have told us several things that would happen over the course of the years. I am ashamed to say that we ignored many of her predictions because so many people were telling us that they were simply wrong. Per Var’s instructions for instance, we had converted much of our savings into silver. My relatives, who are commodities traders, finally convinced us that this was foolish and that hard metal would never increase in value and in fact could only go down. Today the price of silver is four times what it was then. The spectacular collapse of the stock market was also something we were informed of ahead of time, but again we ignored what they had to say because people who were considered to be greater experts were assuring us that it couldn’t happen. We also ignored the Lady’s ever increasing insistence that we learn how to use and own firearms, an issue that gained immediacy when a neighbor started shooting at us.

While the Lady can’t or won’t tell us exactly what is coming down the line, there have been specific times where she has said “Look at this thing, this is a piece of the puzzle.” Changes in historic weather patterns, Global warming, the world’s financial crisis, political instability in the former USSR, these are a few things that I’ve been told are pieces of that puzzle. I have many others, but far too few to know what the picture looks like.

And this is how I end up sitting here at my desk at four in the morning, scanning the immensity of the Internet and trying to feel for shifting patterns in the wyrd. MRSA infections are on the rise among children, and it’s clear even through the technical jargon, that doctors are terrified of what’s going to happen once the last of their antibiotics stop working. Is this relevant? Does this matter? Several former Soviet nations have decided to form a unified military. Puzzle piece, or not? How about China landing a lunar probe?

There are times when I feel like we as a people are standing in a tunnel. We know there’s a train coming because we’ve been told, and those of us with really good hearing have heard its rumble for some time. But now we are starting to see the glimmer of its headlight, and I worry that by the time we can see the body of the train itself it’ll be too late to jump out of the way for any of us.

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