A great deal has been going on since I last posted an essay here. I do comment about every other day on my livejournal, but almost all posts are restricted to my friends list. The difference between my livejournal and BarkingShaman is that I tend to post somewhat meaningful essays here, as opposed to the “here’s what’s happening in my life” posts that livejournal gets.

However, there are a few things I would like to talk about today.

First off, my and Galina Krasscova’s article on firearms and pagan spirituality did finally run in NewWitch magazine. They changed the title sadly (from my “Boomsticks and Broomsticks”) but the formatting is beautiful. I know that there is some real fear that the article will generate angry letters and complaints to the editors, but I feel strongly in the subject matter, and I know that there are many other pagans who do too.

There have been some major changes in my life. I had a trial run of an occipital neuro-modulator installed in the back of my head (so yes, I spent five weeks with wires running out of the back of my head to a control box I had to carry/wear at all times). The results were incredible. I experienced about an %80 reduction in my pain levels and could function in ways that I had believed gone forever. Then, although happy to approve the trial to see if I was a candidate for implant surgery, the insurance company rejected me for implant surgery on the grounds that they no longer were interested in paying for the implant for any patients. It’s one of the reasons it’s been so long since I posted here. I sort of lost interest in living for a while after the rejection. We intend to fight it with the insurance commissioner for New Hampshire, but I’m just out of energy.

My home situation is not much better. Summer has decided that while he can’t really leave, because the Boss Lady would seriously fuck him up, he will end/suspend his and my relationship. He’s recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and his sexual identity shifts with his place in his bipolar cycle. He desperately wants to be heterosexual, and some times he can feel that way and others times he can’t.

Since my Prop-8 posting I have had little to say about the current state of the world (since the neuromodulator came out I haven’t been getting out much) that other bloggers and pundits aren’t saying. Everyone suggested writing about my experiences with the neuro-modulator in detail, but it is far too painful.

But now I’ve got some new things to say. Look for a new post before this Wednesday (1/21/09), and no, as of now I have no intention whatsoever to write about the inaugural.

As an aside, I will be teaching two classes at Dark Odysey WinterFire, one magical class and one sexual techniques class.

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