Couldn’t Hurt (2)

Summer thought I should post this over here too. It’s a few days old now. (from my Livejournal)

Summer and I watched the debates last night. Since we don’t really have sex anymore (although with him coming off of his meds that mights be subject to change, who knows) watching all the debates has been about the most intimate thing we’ve done; if you don’t count the occasional awkward attempt at a hand job. The problem I found is that regardless of the questions, the answers in last night’s debate were all things we’d heard before. If what many of the pundits say is true (and I fear that it is) and the American people care more about who a candidate is that what their experiences or policies are (and how else to you explain all the people who like Sarah Palin) then I think that the debates questions might as well reflect this.

As I awoke from my Benadryl/Vicodin/Ambien influenced sleep this leaped into my mind:

What we need is to have a circus clown make each candidate the balloon animal that they feel best reflects them and then have them justify their decision to the American people while holding said balloon animal.

Yes it would lower the level of political discourse, but then, having watched last night’s debate I don’t think lowering the level of discourse is something we need to be worrying about.

(BTW in my dream Obama choose Dorie, the forgetful fish from Finding Nemo, and McCain choose a squid. Before they could explain their choices, or for that matter why they both choose sea animals, I woke up)

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