>Brief FW ’08 thoughts

>It’s noon and I’m getting ready to head out for my trek back up to New Hampshire but I thought I’d take a moment to get down some initial thoughts from my trip to New Jersey for Floating World ’08.

First off, I now know that I can teach classes that end at midnight even after a full day and have people get good stuff out of them, but it still wouldn’t be my first choice.

wylddelirium is rocking fun to needle top with.

Sometimes the really important things that I have to say/do don’t happen during class.

The new divination system is working well (I stayed the night before at my sister’s house and gave a reading/demo).

I miss having a presenter badge (I’m pouting)

Not only do other people like watching someone bleed as much as I do, it can be more fun in a group.

950 people can be a smaller number than you’d think.

There is a sense of belonging that comes from really hurting someone in public and realizing that the people around you are not only cool with the fact that you’re doing it, but also that you get off on it.

Things are mighty crazy right now. I’m leaving from here and in just a couple of days I’m heading out again for SWIG where I’ll also be presenting. I’ll try to get some more posting done but I expect it to be spotty and brief.

2 thoughts on “>Brief FW ’08 thoughts

  1. >I’m glad you enjoyed the FW scene. I really hope you enjoyed this weekend. *smooches* probably totally non-PC, but since you think I’d be such a great fag-hag, mind if I become yours…lol 😉

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