Since I’m Feeling Lazy

I know that I haven’t had a good post about being a spirit worker in quite some time. However, I took a lot of medication last night and then ended up having to stay up with the dog until dawn, so today that state of affairs will not be changing.

Fortuitously, my beloved sweetie over at Artsy Phu posted an excellent essay on that very subject this morning. Go check it out.

This way I don’t need to feel bad about not having posted much in this vein in a while:

One thought on “Since I’m Feeling Lazy

  1. >This comment is for the linked article, but since they do not allow anonymous commenting…2. Something to think about: I used to do online and phone tarot when money got rough. I found out from my supervisor that I am *sought out* and *asked for* four years after leaving. I am somehow unsurprised.18. I hate when teacher hat does that, which is more the reason why I stay out of that section.Much love,Del

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