Binging on Normality

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been a bit crazy lately. It’s late here and I don’t intend to make a long post. I would just go to bed, but I have a confession to make. I did something bad this evening. I engaged in behavior which many folk would consider inappropriate for someone in my position. What is worse is that I went down this dark and stormy road with company. Yes, I led another innocent (ha!) soul into sin.

That’s right, on the way home from Cauldron Farm this evening Fire and I stopped at McDonalds. Before you can finish gasping in horror I should add that we also stopped at a gas station and got a package of Twinkies. I hadn’t had McDonalds or any other fast food in over two years and it had been far longer since I had a Twinkie (although in fairness I could only eat one bite of Twinkie, yuck).

I have been eating way too much junk food since my ordeal cycle was almost finished and certainly too much in the weeks since Keeper’s Crossing and the final ordeal in the cycle. I have also been staying up till stupid hours of the morning watching downloaded TV shows on iTunes or reading trashy books I’ve read dozen’s of times before.

It isn’t that I don’t have serious spooky work to be doing. Not to mention that I have work to make up for my company. The issue is that I just need time to come down from the strain of the intense foo from the last year. Fire says that for spirit workers and magicians like us eating junk food is like being bulimic. We binge on this crap which our bodies can’t really handle and most importantly neither can our spirit or astral bodies. We know our systems are going to purge it out and probably in an extremely unpleasant fashion.

Sometimes though, one just wants to feel like everyone else. Do something very mundane and rooted in American society. Sitting here popping mini tootsie pops and Fun Dip while watching Aaron Sorkin’s new show (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, fucking awesome) at 1am it is surprisingly easy to forget the whole shaman thing.

Given the way that the world seems to be going nutty in a real big hurry I don’t suppose that shoving my head in the sand is an OK plan. Still, a week of serious crap food culminating in McDonalds at 11pm is a big part of taking at least a partial vacation from the strange course my life has taken. I appreciate that the Lady has been willing to cut me some slack in this. Still, eight years of knowingly serving Her, I think I have a good idea of how far I can push it. She has made it real clear that now that the first ordeal cycle is over it is time I get down to some real work. I doubt there’ll be much McDonalds in my system for the foreseeable future…

Wouldn’t want to let this unopened pack of Fun Dip go to waste though.

3 thoughts on “Binging on Normality

  1. >fire has a point. lol. Seriously though, I think we need what little downtime we’re given. This work is hard, grueling and it’s the little periods of downtime that allow us to recoup enough energy to wade back into those esoteric waters again. As long as we know the score (and that if we go too far we’re pay for it and how!) I don’t see anything wrong with the occasional McDonalds. (I actually walked on the side of evil too when I last visited Raven…2am stop to McDonalds..chicken nuggets. mmmmmmm :P)

  2. >I don’t know about “binging with intent to soon purge”, but when you’ve been too far in spooky-fu land, it can definitely be time for a vacation, and vacation for the spookily-inclined tends to involve BEING MUNDANE IN A VERY LOUD WAY for a few days, and good gods and little cheetos, man, you’ve earned it if anyone has!– lwood

  3. >I know exactly how you feel. I have all these dietary taboos and sometimes I just want to have a freaking cheeseburger without having to worry about its effect on my foo. Like normal people *sigh*I was an accomplice in G’s decadent McDonald’s adventure, too. You should’ve seen us trying to sneak all these McNuggets into G’s hotel room, hoping F. wouldn’t wake up and shake her finger at us…

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