The morning after

So it’s the next morning after my earth ordeal. I intend to go into more detail once I am back home in NH but I’ll hit the high points now.

1. Yes it sucked. A lot. I think it is safe to say that last night was one of the top 5 worst experiences of my life.

2. Obviously I survived.

3. Magically and spiritually the damage from last night will be a long time healing. I don’t think the scars will ever fully fade. There was some stuff taken out that I won’t ever get back. I think time will tell what those things were.

4. Physically I am not all that fucked up. I have a bad abrasion on my left hip. Small puncture wounds on my neck and both arms and legs. A scalple cutting on my pubic mound. And a scalple cutting which has had ash rubbed in it to make it stay in the skin on my lower back just above my ass.

5. For those of you keeping score, Herne the Hunter and Hela both had a part in orchestrating the ordeal.

6. Raven and Josh were wonderful to me afterward and got me warmed, fed, grounded, and re-seated in my body before I went to sleep.

I’ll give a blow-by-blow account of everything at a later time. For now, I’m back and I am still largely with the world of the living.


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