My Summer’s Dawn

Summer's Dawn

The winter’s dark and cold have finally relinquished their hold on us, and not a moment too soon. Here in southern Maine, Beltane marks the turning point passed which snow, while not impossible, would at the least be a surprise, and wouldn’t last long.

We’re into the time between Beltane and Solstice, a fertile time for growth and beginnings. It’s a scary, but also exciting time in my own life right now. My day job, which I’m generally fond of doesn’t pay enough to cover my share of our bills. In six months, with my folks’ retirement, we will lose the generous financial support that has helped keep us afloat.

The pressure of needing to look for more income has forced me to finally actively pursue answers to some of my lifelong health issues, in the hope that new management strategies could make it easier for me to stay healthy enough for work.

It’s also led me to ask some of the really big and complex questions about who I am and where I want to go with my life and my Work. My Lady affords me quite a lot of freedom in many ways, and that freedom can be both heady and scary.

What I do know is that I have Work with the dead to do, and that Owen and I are going to be returning to some of our traditionally magical roots. Leadership of Tashrisketlin will soon pass to Asrik from Fire/Owen, freeing he and I both up to return more diligently to some of our longstanding magical project. I also really must finally get the last physical mark of my shamanic death ordeals, the scarification for Air, and it’s almost time for me to make a major journey into the Otherworld that I’ve been putting off for nearly five years.

But on a personal/professional level things are far more vague. My job in BDSM event production is one of the few things I’ve ever felt really good at, but it’s not the sort of thing with a lot of openings. Moreover, it does nothing significant to feed my greater Work.

We talk a lot about various archetypal hats/roles in the pagan and polytheistic worlds and I’m coming to the realization that I have a calling to one. I’m most in my element when I’m on stage, be that teaching a workshop, giving an address, or facilitating a ritual. I’m not a singer, but in some ways I am a bard, and I know that has a role to play both in my sacred/magical Work and in how I might to pay my bills. There’s more on that to come at some point, but I’m not quite where I’m ready for a post about it.

I’m also working hard to expand my skills and reach as an artist. The pagan community tends to be pretty down on photography when it comes to the idea of sacredness, but I aim to prove that idea wrong along the way.

The intersection of summer’s arrival and my photography gets us to this photo.

With summer just barely over the horizon now, the vacation town in which I live is beginning its metamorphosis from an unremarkable sleepy New England town of around eight thousand residents, into a bustling seaside destination of over a seventy-five thousand. It’s a mixed blessing. It is wonderful to have businesses and restaurants open again; but at the same time, the quiet and privacy we’ve enjoyed through the winter will soon disappear under a tide of French Canadian sun worshipers and leisure seekers.

And no, I’ve yet to hear a good reason why the lion’s share of Old Orchard Beach tourists come from Quebec. It’s not a bad thing, but it is weirdly specific.

One of my goals for twenty-fourteen is to start making a bit of money with photography. Since a giant part of becoming good at photography is practice, I’m determined to shoot at least a few times every week through this summer.

But soon the beach will be crowded with people at all hours of the day and night. So I’m taking advantage of this brief window between it being too cold on the beach for someone with my health issues, and the Time of the Tourists if you will.

After all, this may be a time of fertility and growth, but the ebb and flow of the wyrd mean nothing if you don’t get off your ass and put in some Work.

Image “Sunset Reflections #1” © Winter Wind Photography and E. Winter Tashlin – All Rights Reserved


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