POTD 1/17/12 A Bright Spot

It is the evening of the 17th, and most of the web is abuzz over the widespread internet blackouts planned in protest of SOPA and PIPA for the 18th. I am not going to write to or link to that coverage, although if you are unfamiliar with the issues, I would strongly encourage you to research the issues and ramifications involved. 

Tonight’s post is on a much more close to home censorship, and one school district’s response to it. 

The Pagan Newswire Collective’s Minnesota branch has a really interesting piece about a 4th grader whose substitute teacher asked her to put away her pentacle necklace. She complied, and when her mother complained, the school took swift and decisive action (perhaps a bit over decisive) in support of the student.

Especially right now, it is refreshing to see people in positions of authority opposing censorship and discrimination, in this case by supporting one young pagan girl’s right to express her beliefs in the same way as children of other faiths, but I in some ways that’s not so different than the internet blackouts after all. 

Quick Response By Local Schools Over Pagan Necklace

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