Why ‘Shaman?’ – A Joint Post With Del Tashlin

This is two essays in one. My partner and clansbrother Del and I decided to take on this heady topic together, as we have both similar and differing views on the subject. We have each been ridiculed, attacked, and disparaged because we use this title for ourselves, and it was one such letter I received that inspired this post. The first half are Del’s thoughts, followed by my own. Understand that any questions or comments you make to this version will be answered by me; if you wish to hear more from Del on the subject, you’ll have to go to his version at Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars to get his answers.

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A Brief Practical Guide to Handling Personal Gnosis (via Twilight and Fire)

A fabulous and well thought out guide to Personal Gnosis in spiritual practice from the blog “Twilight and Fire.”

In case it hasn't been made clear to any readers, I am not a reconstructionist. While I once studied to become an archaeologist and I have a great respect for mythology, folklore, and academic research based on these, my religious approach is largely informed by personal gnosis, rather than history or tradition. Much of what I accept as fact is unverifiable by historical, literary, or archaeological means, and there is a certain amount of informa … Read More

via Twilight and Fire