Day Long & Multi-Day Intensive

I am delighted to begin offering intensive programing. The in-depth curriculum and limited class sizes of these programs give attendees unparallelled access to the instructor as well as the opportunity to immerse in complex skills and subjects far more greatly than the typical 90min class format found at most events.

Needleplay Intensive w/Winter Tashlin

Join us for a sharp, sexy and intensive two day journey through the world of needleplay. Blood/fluid safety, getting “hand on” with a partner, using needles for bondage, erotic pain, and much much more will be covered over the course of our time together. You’ll get first hand experience under the supervision of celebrated needleplay top Wintersong Tashlin, whose extensive classes on needles have been taught to entranced audiences at leading events and small gatherings for years. Whether you’ve never picked up/been poked with a needle or you’re an old hand looking for new tricks, you’ll laugh, bleed, and definitely learn during this two day period.


Genitorture Intensive For Every Body

There are just so many ways delectable to hurt people’s bits! In this intensive, Wintersong demonstrates a wide variety of genitorture techniques, from the intensely sadistic to the disarmingly sensual. Designed to be broadly accessible, there will be something for everyone regardless of gender, D/s dynamic, and skill level. And of course, safety, contraindications, aftercare, and ways of integrating the various genitorture techniques into other kinds of sexual and kinky play will be addressed as well.