Demo Bottoming For Wintersong

Many of my classes include a demonstration portion, and I am often on the lookout for demo people for upcoming events. Demo bottoming is a great way to get a great firsthand experience of the class, support the community, and impress the hell out of your friends.

A few things demoing for me IS:

  • An opportunity to get experience being in front of an audience (great for exhibitionists too!)
  •  A fabulous way to earn my eternal gratitude
  • Entirely within your control
    • I’ll ask for and expect feedback before and during class and will respect boundaries and limits, whether pre-arranged or in the moment

What demoing for me ISN’T:

  • A scene
    • My driving goal during a class is to convey good information to my audience, and I want that to be important to you too. I can be somewhat focused and dispassionate during teaching, and it isn’t going to be about having a hot time.
  • Something you should be doing against your own desires
    • I have had reluctant demo bottoms ordered to participate by their tops without telling me. If this is not something you want to be doing and I don’t have that info, you and your top are non-consensually involving me in your scene.
  • A good time to be tough/stubborn
    • If you are having problems of any kind during a demo, tell me.

In addition to these key points, I believe strongly in the Demo Bottom’s Bill of Rights, which was written by Tristan Taormino & Sarah Sloane and is reprinted on with permission.

So if we’re going to be in the same place at the same time and you think you might want to lend a hand (or something else) for one of the classes listed below, just drop me a note.

Currently Seeking:

A person (of any gender identity) who has a penis, scrotum, and testicles for my “Being Mean to Cocks, Balls, and More” workshop (description below) at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp on Thursday. This CBT workshop covers a variety of play modalities, including: grabbing/pinching/twisting, needle play, sounds, impact, topical chemicals, and so on. I don’t need you to be on board with every kind of play, as I plan to line up multiple bottoms if needed, and can always self-demo as well.

Description: We will be covering fabulously painful and strange things to do to men’s genitals safely and erotically. Let’s talk about needle play with the penis and scrotum, urethral sounding, chemical play, what happens when a cock meets a violet wand, and more! For each “tool” we’ll cover safety and counter-indications followed by three different ways of using each one… learn a new skill, or brush up on one you already have on the great ways to be “mean” to you and/or your partner’s intimate areas.


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